We enable connectivity for millions of people and organizations across the country with our communications infrastructure—helping bridge the digital divide and propel economic, technological and social advancement in communities. That’s why Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts continue to be a key part of who we are—down to our business model.

With this extensive reach, we have a unique opportunity to make a real impact, like we’ve done by investing ~$10B in communications infrastructure for low-income areas.1 As we grow, we will add to our strong foundation and continue to operate conscientiously with our teammates, environment and communities in mind.

1 Based on total capital invested in Crown Castle assets that are located within, or provide service coverage (entirely or partially) to, US Census blocks with 2022 median household income at or below $49,999, which is a key input to qualify for an automatic zero “expected family contribution” calculation for federal student aid (dependent students). 

01 bar business model

Our inherently sustainable shared infrastructure model.

For 30 years, our shared communications infrastructure model has enabled us to sustainably meet the growing need for connectivity with the use of fewer resources. Our inherently sustainable business model allows us to build once and then leverage the same assets to serve multiple customers at the same time—benefiting not only our customers, but also the environment and our communities.


Single Tenant Multi-Tenant


  • Uses more resources than multi-tenant model.
  • Greater impact on environment than multi-tenant model.


  • Reduces the use of resources and environmental footprint.
  • Lowers the impact on ecosystems. 
  • Improves speed to market. 
  • Decreases costs for customer. 
  • Enables greater access to connectivity. 
02 bar environmental

Working with an inherently sustainable approach.

We conduct our business with an eye toward limiting adverse impacts on the environment—striving to manage our infrastructure portfolio and every part of our organization more sustainably. 



of our 2022 electricity consumption was from renewable energy sources3

Crown Castle’s goal is to be carbon neutral in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025.

3 Percentage calculated using approximately 114,000 MWh of renewable energy contracted for 2022 compared with reported 2022 annual consumption of approximately 168,000 MWh.

03 bar social

Upholding our social responsibility.

Our work naturally intersects with challenges like maintaining public safety and bridging the digital divide—so we look for ways to make a difference through our operations, employees and suppliers. 



in diverse supplier spend in 2022, which is 10% of total addressable spend4,5

4 Diverse supplier spend is calculated as spend with diverse suppliers, divided by our total addressable spend. A diverse supplier is defined as a supplier that is greater than 50% owned and operated by one or more individuals who are either minorities, women, veterans, disabled or LGBTQ+ and are certified by a third-party certification agency. 

5 The Hackett Group, 2021 Supplier Diversity Study. 

04 bar governance

Governing our organization.

We use a strong corporate governance framework that helps guide our business—while making a positive impact on employees, shareholders and communities. 


of current board is comprised of women and/or people of color6

7x lower

Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) compared to US average TRIR7

As of May 2023.

The US average TRIR was obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Average is for full year 2021 because 2022 data has not yet been released. 

Our network solutions are designed for resiliency. See how we helped restore critical service for communities impacted by Hurricane Ian. Learn more.

05 bar materiality assessment

Focusing our ESG efforts.

To inform our sustainability approach, we refreshed our materiality assessment in 2023, evaluating 16 topics that represent the most material ESG issues for our company. This assessment helps us determine which topics to prioritize through our initiatives and ongoing efforts. A full description of the materiality assessment and key findings can be found in our 2023 Materiality Assessment.

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