Our private networking solutions provide the scalability and privacy you need to support long-term network growth and mission-critical applications, without the cost of a Dark Fiber solution. We manage the service and equipment, which significantly lowers capital expenses and reduces risk for your organization. With one of the largest, densest fiber networks in the country, you’ll have a robust solution set available for your business continuity requirements.

Ethernet: Metro-E Advanced Private Line

Our Metro-E Advanced Private Line (MAPL) solution uses point-to-point Ethernet virtual circuits over dedicated fiber to deliver service within a metro market.

  • Security: Dedicated fiber that doesn’t pass through public switches or clouds, giving you the highest levels of security and the lowest risk of information breaches.
  • Efficiency: Ethernet switches deployed at your premise and managed by us.
  • Flexibility: The same level of scalability and flexibility as our standalone Ethernet solution.

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  • Supports capacity options from 1Gbps to 10Gbps.
  • Provides secure, private Ethernet connectivity between customer locations.
  • Direct fiber path provides consistent, low-latency performance for delay sensitive applications.
  • Our dense metro fiber footprint gives you more diverse paths and unique routes.
  • Our Ethernet product portfolio is backed by strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Technology: Layer 2 Ethernet over private fiber
  • Throughput: 1Gbps to 10Gbps
  • Interface: 1GE or 10GE
  • Framing: Jumbo Frames to 9100 bytes
  • Network management: 24/7 monitoring and surveillance
  • Network options: Metro configurations
  • Availability: Most on-net locations throughout our network
  • Topology: Point-to-point

Wavelength: Managed Private Optical Networks

Our Managed Private Optical Network (MPON) solutions are flexible, custom-designed network configurations that can support multiple technologies, protocols, and applications across a wide area.

  • Flexibility: A custom, dedicated network with all of the privacy, security and bandwidth you require.
  • Security: Optical Encryption, available for all custom solutions.
  • Scalability: Solutions ranging from single, point-to-point wave up to complex network configurations.
  • Support: Features including out-of-band maintenance, management, and monitoring.

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Manage your network with a Managed Private Optical Network.

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For large organizations with multiple locations that require more flexibility, scalability and security than a traditional shared network can provide, a Managed Private Optical Network (MPON) can help meet your unique needs.

  • 30 years of experience applied to the design, installation, monitoring, maintenance and upgrade of advanced DWDM networks.
  • Multiple high availability options for fiber and equipment protection, giving you the uptime you need and a guaranteed SLA.
  • Enhanced security with private fiber and equipment, and optional FIPS-certified Layer 1 optical encryption adds extra protection for your data in flight.
  • Ability to engineer a design with the latest available equipment and software for higher density and peak performance.
  • Optimal fiber routes and equipment, with optional built-in upgrades to meet your future needs.
  • Monitoring and managing all DWDM nodes and fiber via an out of band management connection to our Network Operations Center.
  • 24/7 network surveillance and monitoring Key Security Features (optional).
  • NIST-compliant AES-256 encryption.
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithms and certificates.
  • Diffie-Hellman secured key negotiation (including Elliptic Curve).
  • x.509 certificate support for authentication.
  • Easily integrates into enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) using x.509 certificate-based authentication.
  • Support for Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
  • Hitless AES-256 key rotation every second.
  • TLS-secured and mutually authenticated interface for encryption monitoring and management by customer personnel.
  • SNMPv3 support
  • Key solution components: 
    • Dark Fiber between desired locations 
    • DWDM nodes with ROADM technology
  • Our Core DWDM Network:
    • Network management via out-of-band connection
    • Designed, installed and managed by expert teams

Our Core DWDM Network

  • Bandwidth options & hand-off protocols (non-encrypted)
    • 1Gbps (plus): 1 GigE, OTU1
    • 10Gbps: 10 GigE, FC800/1200, OC-192/192c, OTU2
    • 40Gbps: 40 GigE, OC-768, OTU3
    • 100Gbps: 100 GigE, OTU4
  • Bandwidth options & hand-off protocols (encrypted)
    • 10Gbps: 10 GigE, FC800, FC1200, OC-192/192c
    • 40Gbps: 40 GigE, OC-768, OTU3
    • 100Gbps: 100 GigE, OTU4
  • Optional protection options
    • Backup circuit on diverse route
    • Optical Protection Switch for automatic failover to backup path
    • Guaranteed SLA options determined by the design you select
  • Bit Error Rate: 1x10-9
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): 4 hours
  • Availability: Configurations from 99.9% to 99.999% availability
  • Topology: Customized to meet your needs, ranging from a single point-to-point wave to multiple-ring networks.

Ideal for.

  • Reliable, flexible connectivity, which reduces risk for organizations and provides scalability for a variety of solutions. 
  • Dedicated solutions capable of supporting multiple technologies, protocols and applications across a wide area.
  • Healthcare companies that need scalable solutions to support bandwidth intensive applications like medical imaging and telemedicine, while adhering to government-mandated privacy regulations.
  • Financial services companies that need scalability and privacy to support long-term network growth and mission-critical applications.

How we work with you.

For 30 years, we’ve been working with customers to implement communications infrastructure solutions. We’ll work closely with your business to understand your needs and design custom solutions for your unique priorities and challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed and maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. And as you continue to pursue new possibilities, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies and innovations you need to stay ahead.

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Your business is unique—and so are your connectivity needs. With an individualized approach, we’ll show you how our infrastructure solutions will serve you today and prepare you for tomorrow.

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