For many businesses and service providers today, data-intensive applications are driving the need for new bandwidth. Wavelengths are an ideal solution to support data center backup and recovery, cloud services, university research and development, electronic trading and more.

Our fully managed, private, point-to-point Wavelength solutions delivered over a state-of-the-art Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network provide dedicated bandwidth to guarantee performance when you need it. It’s a high-capacity solution that relieves bandwidth constraints, improves application performance and scales with your business.

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Key benefits.

  • Security: Provides the highest level of in-flight data security with Layer 1 optical encryption Wavelength solutions that are FIPS-certified.
  • Flexibility: Allows multiple protocols with seamless support for IP, Ethernet, SONET and SAN services and is standards-based with DWDM equipment, ensuring multi-vendor interoperability. Can be configured in ultra-low and low latency configurations for real-time applications like video conferencing and financial services transactions.
  • Diversity: Provides protected and unprotected options when designing diverse routes and leverages unique utility rights of way to improve network reliability and survivability.
  • Fully managed: Includes proactive monitoring to ensure high availability and reduced network management requirements and resources. Get all of the features of Dark Fiber with the ease of a managed service, so you can spend less time managing your network.

Product details.

  • Enables the extension of LAN infrastructures for WAN, MAN or SAN connectivity.
  • Flexible, transparent bandwidth that supports most major protocols.
  • Protected and unprotected configurations available.
  • MPON solutions provide all of the benefits of Dark Fiber without the cost.
  • FIPS-certified Layer 1 optical encryption available.
  • Dedicated bandwidth at full line rate.
  • 24/7 network surveillance and monitoring.
  • Bandwidth: OTU 1-4 Fiber Channel, 1 GigE, 10 GigE, 40 GigE, 100 GigE, OC-x, 1Gbps to 100 Gbps
  • Protocol independent: Open interfaces support all major transport protocols: Ethernet, IP, SONET, Fiber Channel, SAN, SD/HD-Video.
  • Optional route diversity: Implement service on multiple routes to further ensure the highest availability possible.
  • Optional optical protection on diverse routes: Switch between active and back-up paths to limit the impact of network events.
  • Availability: Both metro and long-haul networks.
  • MPON: Fully managed, custom-designed fiber solution with private fiber and dedicated WDM equipment.
  • Bit Error Rate: 1x10-9
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): 4 hours
  • Availability: Both metro and long-haul networks

Ideal for.

  • Relieving bandwidth constraints and adding more bandwidth in a cost-efficient way, rather than purchasing a full network solution.
  • Improving application performance and scaling business operations.
  • Providing adequate bandwidth to guarantee performance as needed.
  • Media and content companies that need dedicated bandwidth to support big audiences.
  • Gaming companies that require reliability and consistency from their networks.
  • Financial Services companies that need reliable connectivity to execute electronic trades.

How we work with you.

For 30 years, we’ve been working with customers to implement communications infrastructure solutions. We’ll work closely with your business to understand your needs and design custom solutions for your unique priorities and challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed and maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. And as you continue to pursue new possibilities, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies and innovations you need to stay ahead.

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Your business is unique—and so are your connectivity needs. With an individualized approach, we’ll show you how our infrastructure solutions will serve you today and prepare you for tomorrow.

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