Cable companies bring valuable content and connectivity to communities around the country. However, the industry is at a critical moment as it adapts to changing circumstances. More sources of content mean more competition for viewers. There is constant downward pressure on price, and many customers are cutting the cord altogether. Additionally, more TV advertising spends are being reallocated to digital. However, your company can overcome these challenges and turn them into significant new opportunities.

Data usage is skyrocketing and will only continue to increase as people utilize more connected smart home devices. Stronger, more reliable infrastructure is necessary to meet this growing demand and position yourself for IoT networks. And as you expand your content offering to provide more value for your customers, your operations gain an additional layer of complexity. This means creating and delivering content to customers, both through cable boxes and over-the-top (OTT). Customers also expect to save and rewatch content later, which requires storage capacity and additional content delivery abilities. To extend your offerings and find new ways to connect your customers to content, you need a network that supports your current and future capabilities. As the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, we can provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to grow your core network while also creating opportunities around content creation and distribution.




small cells on air or under contract


route miles of fiber


on-net buildings

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New opportunity through connectivity.

We can help you find the right infrastructure solution to bring a number of benefits to your business.

  • More scale, capacity, and diversity: We can help find new ways to leverage your existing fiber infrastructure and combine it with our offering. By using our dense metro fiber, you can add critical data capacity whenever you need it in order to support more streaming from more locations. Our data centers and points of presence can also help you distribute content more efficiently. Additionally, if back-up connectivity is required, our towers can offer network or route diversity for mission-critical elements.
  • New revenue streams: Our infrastructure can enable you to add new capabilities and revenue streams. This includes providing wireless services and preparing to deploy 5G capabilities.
  • Enhanced experiences: By adding more capacity and capabilities to your networks, we can help you deliver more for your customers without having their network speeds suffer. We will work with you to bring 4K picture, AR/VR streaming, cloud gaming and dedicated internet of things networks to your customers.
  • Greater future-proofing: We’re at the forefront of 5G, edge solutions and CBRS. This means our infrastructure will continue to evolve and enable new capabilities for you and your customers.

of connected flat panel TV sets will be 4K by 2022.1


government stimulus funds allocated to infrastructure programs that improve rural connectivity.2


of all business internet traffic will be internet video by 2022.3

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A partner to help you adapt in a changing future.

We know downtime isn’t an option. Your customers expect to be connected 24/7, and any outage—no matter how short—doesn’t go unnoticed. That’s why all our network assets are monitored around-the-clock by our fully staffed, state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). We respond to outages, perform annual maintenance and proactively plan for things like natural disasters. And beyond our NOC support, you can operate with confidence knowing your systems are backed by an S&P 500 company with over 5,000 employees. We’re always looking toward the future by investing in our infrastructure—whether that’s improving capabilities in an area or adding route miles of fiber.

How we work with you.

For over 25 years, we’ve been working with customers to build end-to-end communications infrastructure solutions. We’ll work closely with your business to understand your needs and design custom solutions for your unique priorities and challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed and maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. And as you continue to pursue new possibilities, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies and innovations you need to stay ahead. 

Let’s talk about your connectivity needs.

Your business is unique—and so are your connectivity needs. With an individualized approach, we’ll show you how our infrastructure solutions will serve you today and prepare you for tomorrow. 

1 Research and Markets, "Fiber Optic Cable Global Market Report 2020," 2020
2 Smart Cities Dive, “Trump infrastructure plan promises brighter future for rural broadband,” 2018
3 Cisco, “Annual Internet Report (2018–2023) White Paper,” 2020


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