From pandemics to natural disasters, unexpected crises reinforce an important reality: utility companies need to be ready for anything. Your infrastructure has to be able to support continuous, adaptive and reliable service that allows for quick and drastic changes in demand. As you continue work to modernize the grid, connectivity will play an important role in keeping your operations safe, efficient and reliable—bringing enhanced visibility and control to all your systems. We’re ready to work closely with you to upgrade and streamline your operations, so you can keep maintaining and improving your service.

As you plan for the future of your utility network, things like distributed energy resources (DER), smart meters, private LTE and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) architecture are taking center stage. These technologies offer better visibility across the entire grid and enable better supervisory control at key points. They also provide insight into usage, demand and distribution, helping your company become greener and more efficient—and making your network more reliable. However, as the industry has become more connected, malicious activity and grid cyber attacks become an even greater risk. We offer several solutions—from private networks to optical encryption—to make sure you stay protected.

Since utility networks extend across every corner of the country, you need a partner whose footprint and expertise working with communities and municipalities matches yours. As the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, we can enhance your network’s connectivity and help ensure safety and reliability. With more than 40,000 towers, approximately 90,000 route miles of fiber and approximately 115,000 small cells on air or under contract, we can provide solutions to meet your most broad or targeted needs and equip your organization for the future.

Transform your organization with better infrastructure.

We can help you realize the potential of grid modernization while maintaining network security. Here are just a few key benefits of improved connectivity.

  • More visibility and control: Your entire grid can be monitored and controlled at key points through IoT networks and remote monitoring devices.
  • Greater security: Through dedicated fiber networks and next generation technologies like CBRS and 5G, you can extend your capabilities while maintaining best-in-class security across your systems.
  • Safer operations: With remote monitoring, you can know exactly when something has gone wrong and act quickly to address it, preventing damage to your networks, surrounding communities and the environment.
  • Increased efficiency: You can collect and analyze data from your remote monitoring devices, and use an advanced fiber network for data analysis to make your systems smarter and greener.

EV charging ports will be needed to support demand by 2030. 1


expected yearly data center expansion anticipated by power companies.2


of new cars sold in the first three quarters of 2023 were EVs, a tipping point.2

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A national partner who understands your community.

We’ve been working with utilities to build out broadband access and small cell deployments in communities for more than 15 years. That means we have a deep understanding of how you operate—from construction considerations to management practices. Additionally, we are an associate member of the Utilities Technology Council (UTC), a certified telecommunications provider in nearly every state and the District of Columbia and have existing federal, state and local contract vehicles.

When you work with us, you’re choosing a partner who knows how to operate on your terms and will be with you for the long haul. We can help you advance your networks while consolidating management in a single national provider. And we’ll work to integrate our infrastructure with all your systems and technologies—making sure your solutions are as flexible as you need them to be.  

How we work with you.

For 30 years, we’ve been working with customers to implement communications infrastructure solutions. We’ll work closely with your business to understand your needs and design custom solutions for your unique priorities and challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed and maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. And as you continue to pursue new possibilities, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies and innovations you need to stay ahead. 

Let’s talk about your connectivity needs.

Your organization is unique—and so are your connectivity needs. With an individualized approach, we’ll show you how our infrastructure solutions will serve you today and prepare you for tomorrow. 

1 Department of Energy, "By 2030, the US Will Need 28 Million EV Charging Ports to Support 33 Million EVs" 2024

2 Deloitte, "2024 Power and Utilities Industry Outlook," 2023

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