Our enterprise-class fiber optic Internet Access keeps you connected to the outside world while supporting mission-critical applications. Perfect for businesses and organizations, our high-performance internet offering connects your locations efficiently and affordably.

With high-speed connections to key peering points and data centers, we deliver a reliable and scalable solution with optional capabilities such as bursting, high-availability connectivity or sharing IP access over a Wide Area Network (WAN).

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Key benefits.

  • Resiliency: Access to our robust network and multiple private and geographically diverse Tier-1 Internet connections, so that you get reliable, high-speed network performance.
  • Scalability: Bandwidth ranges from 50Mbps to 10Gbps, with the option to burst above subscribed bandwidth rates. Multiple layers of protection can be added as needed, from path protection, to dual entrance, to dual equipment, for added resiliency. And, our Bandwidth on Demand solution allows you to upgrade bandwidth in near real-time or schedule changes in advance.
  • Cost-effective: A plug-and-play setup that reduces equipment costs, and a single network provider to reduce administrative hassle.
  • DDoS protection: As a separate add-on, proactive monitoring of your network traffic around the clock by our US-based security experts to identify anomalies and malicious attacks before they damage critical systems.

Product details.

  • Connections to multiple Tier-1 peering points and data centers
  • IPv6-compatible, dual stack connection capable 
  • Configuration of routing and primary/secondary DNS registration
  • Connectivity and performance verification
  • Internet Access: Available at any of our data centers or interconnection facilities.
  • Dedicated Internet Access: Includes transport and access to the customer location.
  • Burstable Internet Access: A flexible alternative to Dedicated Internet, Burstable Internet allows you to purchase a fixed amount of bandwidth with the ability to “burst” beyond your committed rate.
  • Cloud connectivity
  • VPN access for individuals and remote sites
  • Email, IM and social media traffic
  • Internet research
  • Collaboration between offices and with customers
  • Viewing and streaming educational videos
  • VoIP and video conferencing
  • Customer access to e-commerce applications
  • Access to cloud-based applications
  • Data backup and archiving

Ideal for.

  • A wide variety of cases—our Internet Access is a flexible solution, with optional capabilities based on needs.
  • Connecting people and locations efficiently, through a single provider.
  • As an alternate for hard to reach areas or diverse connections, our Fixed Wireless enterprise solution can extend your network.

How we work with you.

For 30 years, we’ve been working with customers to implement communications infrastructure solutions. We’ll work closely with your business to understand your needs and design custom solutions for your unique priorities and challenges. We know the opportunities that a well-designed and maintained network can bring to your organization. That’s why we monitor your network around the clock through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. And as you continue to pursue new possibilities, we’ll be here ready to connect you to the technologies and innovations you need to stay ahead.

Let’s talk about your connectivity needs.

Your business is unique—and so are your connectivity needs. With an individualized approach, we’ll show you how our infrastructure solutions will serve you today and prepare you for tomorrow.

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