Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is like nothing else in the industry. Locally based service teams are backed by state-of-the-art facilities that operate 24/7, so we can manage our infrastructure, monitor what's going on—and if problems arise, quickly mobilize response teams.

How our NOC is unique.

  • We operate geographically diverse in-house NOC facilities with state-of-the-art monitoring technology. 

  • We have people available to take your call without long wait times. 

  • Our technicians are locally based and highly qualified, and can help you troubleshoot on the spot or mobilize at a moment’s notice if needed. 

  • In the event of a service disruption, we maintain constant communication to keep you up to date on the progress. 

How to reach us.

Network operations

Fiber customer support and billing

Learn more about our network operations support.

Network and systems monitoring 

  • Tower lighting systems 

  • Microwave and backhaul networks 

  • Power systems 

  • Hazmat reporting 

Round-the-clock network management 

  • Disaster preparation and planning 

  • Incident management and analysis based on FEMA protocols 

  • Trouble ticket tracking 

  • Technician and service personnel dispatch 

  • Escalation and customer notification 

  • Our custom-developed Network Management Software (NMS) solution is designed specifically for DAS and small cells and provides custom workflows, automated ticketing, extensive knowledge base, vendor-specific trap rules and alarm management. 

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 support with extensive telecom network management expertise. 

  • A customer portal that provides a real-time topographic view of network alarm and ticket status. 

  • Standard reporting packages that include MTTR, uptime and ticket aging. 

  • Customizable reports tailored to individual needs. 

  • NOC management based on ITIL best practices. 

  • Expertise with all DAS hardware providers: Tyco Electronics, Commscope, BTI, Zinwave, Mobile Access, Powerwave and Solid. 

  • Full disaster recovery capability. 

  • Around-the-clock network monitoring to ensure systems remain up and running. 

  • Rapid response in the event of unforeseen problems like poor weather conditions. 

  • Proactive maintenance to detect and prevent potential hazards before they interrupt service. 

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