CCIsites™ is our patented, industry-leading analysis and site location tool that gives you data on more than 235,000 Crown Castle and non-Crown Castle assets throughout the US. CCIsites streamlines your process, helping you evaluate and select antenna sites. For all of Crown Castle's assets, you get detailed tower, rooftop and small cell availability information, as well as detailed demographic and GIS analytic features, so you can get on air quickly.

CCIsites features

  • Site location & search-ring analysis tool: See both Crown Castle and non–Crown Castle assets in a specified geographic area through a spatial or search-ring-specific search.
  • Detailed site information and site fact sheet: Access to site plan and tower elevations, drawings and detailed site information, including capacity, open levels, telecommunication providers and more.
  • Online application tracking: Submit your application online and get detailed tracking of its status through multiple milestones—allowing you to get on air on time, while better managing your schedules, logistics and budgets with outside vendors.

Crown Castle provides free access to this online inventory management system.

If you need access to the mobile photo capture tool, please reach out to your local contact.

If you’re having trouble logging into an active CCIsites account, please get in touch with our Service Desk at 724-416-2300 or email us.


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