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The story behind Verizon's 5G secret weapon

Light Reading published an article about Verizon’s fiber network, FiOS. The article noted that Verizon "historically has rented access to fiber from the likes of…Crown Castle…" However, Verizon’s One Fiber program "threatens to upend some of those relationships…pr...


NYC allows 5G equipment on streetlamps

The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications approved 10 franchise agreements with several companies to install 5G equipment on streetlamps and some traffic-light poles. The companies are: Crown Castle, CSC Wireless, ExteNet Systems, New Cingular Wireless PCS, New...


After the virus: A 5G gold rush?

Politico reported that the surge of Americans working, learning and socializing online is making a case for the wireless industry to build out its highspeed 5G networks. The article quotes Zenia Zaveri, Crown Castle’s vice president of external affairs, who states: "In the short term, we un...


OPINION: WIA — A driving force behind the wireless industry

AGL Media Group reported on peripheral platforms, noting that a new fiber working group, chaired by Crown Castle, has been formed to work on getting transport capabilities for the emerging 5G platforms.


Crown Castle to present at the 2019 Wells Fargo 5G Forum

Crown Castle has announced that Dan Schlanger, Crown Castle’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is scheduled to present at the 2019 Wells Fargo 5G Forum.


Why 5G Internet Is a Policy Minefield for Cities

This week, four U.S. cities are getting their first taste of the next generation of wireless internet. Verizon began rolling out its 5G residential service on Monday in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, bringing this superfast wireless broadband to customers for the first time. ...


Small-cell 5G technology sweeps into Pasadena, backed by new federal regulations

A report by the Pasadena Department of Public Works highlighted the 5G small cell technology that is "sweeping through Pasadena." The report said that, "Forty-three sites have been installed City-wide already, with 50 more applications now under process." Experts say "the revolution could see as ...


5G rollout will maximize San Francisco’s competitive edge

While San Francisco has a highly educated workforce and receives 45 percent of the total venture capital investment in the entire U.S., the city does not "have a commitment from all major 5G infrastructure providers to deploy in the city." San Francisco has chosen slow deployment with high fees, ...


5G’s potential, and why businesses should start preparing for it

Omar Abbosh, group chief executive of Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology operating group, and Larry Downes, Senior Fellow with Accenture Research, published an article in Harvard Business Review highlighting the findings of a new Accenture survey of nearly 2,000 technology a...


5G will give doctors work flexibility beyond the office

Once 5G internet becomes available, Orlando, Fl may be able to access the kind of futuristic technology seen in films like "Dr. Strange." For example, a better connection may allow a neurologist to speak with a patient via video chat and determine if the person is a stroke patient or not. Also, 5...


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