The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) didn’t want their new Banc of California soccer stadium to be just another sports venue—they wanted it to be a premier entertainment complex. This is no small task in the entertainment capital of the world. Of course the new stadium would need to be able to accommodate the latest broadcast technology, data demands and multimedia fan experiences. But in a city not short on entertainment venues, the stadium would also need to attract concerts, eSport video game competitions and other cutting-edge guest experiences throughout the year.

At a glance.

Company Name

Los Angeles Football Club


Media & Entertainment


200,000 guests

Solutions Used

Internet Access


Los Angeles

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The need.

To accommodate the demands of various entertainment events, from sports to concerts and more, a new state-of-the-art fiber connection would need to be built in parallel with the stadium’s construction. The network would need to:

  • Provide enough bandwidth to the stadium’s advanced guest network to allow thousands of fans to simultaneously connect and share their experiences via photo and video.
  • Support advanced operations, including their streaming broadcast provider, YouTubeTV.
  • Integrate the stadium’s new fiber connection with LAFC’s core networking equipment through diverse paths.

The solution.

  • From day one, we worked closely with the IT team and other officials to plan and build the network from the ground up. By being transparent about our planned fiber routes, we were able to better coordinate our work with the stadium construction for a more seamless experience.
  • We built a flexible, 10Gbps network with dual points of entry and diverse paths—providing a failsafe network with both primary and secondary providers that could easily grow as their needs change.
  • The resulting network gives LAFC the dedicated, high-capacity internet access they need to support all their internal operations, as well as the high-tech experiences their guests expect.

Working with Crown Castle is very easy—to get people on the phone, to set appointments, to do site surveys, to troubleshoot. The engineering team is first class.

Christian L. Vice President, Information Technology, Los Angeles Football Club

The impact.

  • LAFC now has an industry-leading stadium with a best-in-class fiber network that allows them to provide unrivaled experiences to their fans and guests, including sporting events, eSport competitions and live concerts.
  • The advanced technology has given them valuable exposure in the media—serving as a leading example to other teams of what a stadium of tomorrow can be.
  • The network has given them the flexibility to experiment with new technologies and business efficiencies, including digital-only ticketing, advanced security systems and biometric age verification.

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