The University of Miami (UM) is a private research university, spending $324 million annually in research and related programs in medicine, marine science and more. In addition to its main campus in Coral Gables, it has numerous facilities throughout South Florida that transmit data to government scientists.

At a glance.

Company Name

University of Miami


Higher Education


16,000 students
3,000 faculty members

Solutions Used

Dark Fiber
Private Networks
Internet Access



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The need.

  • Support UM’s extensive research activities and meet the constant data needs of UM students, faculty, researchers and staff.

  • Connect multiple campuses and high-capacity computers with a secure and reliable network.

  • Build a direct connection to Florida LambdaRail, a separate network that links Florida’s research institutions.

The solution.

  • We built an extensive fiber network that connects buildings within the boundaries of UM’s 260-acre Coral Gables main campus and provides a high-speed pathway between several other UM facilities spread throughout South Florida.

  • The campus is equipped with a high-capacity internet connection and is connected to smaller locations through a multi-site Ethernet network.

  • A Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS), which monitors the network’s metro rings to identify and isolate any potential outages on the network.

No other provider can do what Crown Castle is doing for us. They have the network footprint and the wherewithal to create a solution we can always rely on.

Stewart S. Assistant VP, Chief Network Officer, University of Miami

The impact.

  • The new network has resulted in nearly unlimited available bandwidth on campus, ensuring that UM can meet the current and future needs of its community.

  • Researchers are better able to collaborate with colleagues and conduct world-class research, such as DNA mapping, that couldn’t be done without a high-speed, reliable network.

  • UM is able to quickly detect outages due to the Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS).

  • With its new fiber network, UM is able to keep connected to its facilities while staying within their budget.

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