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Private 5G Networks Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation

5G Americas, the wireless industry trade association and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas, announced the publication of a whitepaper titled 5G Technologies in Private Networks. The paper highlights the role of private networks in the 5G era in creating new enterprise opportunities. Crown Cast...


Verizon to launch mobile 5G in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11

Verizon will launch its first mobile 5G service in select areas of Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11. Customers will be able to access the network with the Motorola moto z3 smartphone paired with the Motorola 5G moto mod to create a 5G-enabled phone. The 5G service in Chicago and Minneapolis is...


Telstra has its first enterprise 5G customer

Telstra announced the use of its 5G mobile network to connect its first 5G customer, FKG Group, a construction and civil engineering company, using the new HTC 5G Hub. According to Telstra CEO Andy Penn, the contract will enable the telco to test and analyze its 5G network in real-world conditions.


Verizon 5G coming to Panama City

Congressman Neal Dunn and leaders from Verizon toured the Panama City area Friday to plan the groundbreaking move of preparing to launch 5G. "They're building on a 5G, true 5G mobile network so that once we get the appropriate phones and equipment you can actually work at 5G speeds out of your ph...


5G 101

5G: the next generation of wireless connectivity.

AT&T deploys mobile 5G network at AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys and numerous major sporting and entertainment events, now has limited mobile 5G service, making it the first stadium in the country with 5G. The nation’s second-largest carrier, which recently started rebranding advanced LTE as "5G E" on Android ...


Telstra flicks on a tiny piece of 5G in Melbourne and Sydney

Sydney and Melbourne have small patches of 5G available, with Telstra getting early access to 3.6GHz spectrum. Telstra's Customer Insight Centre on George St in Sydney, Telstra Labs on Exhibition St in Melbourne, and both major cities' airports all have access to 5G thanks to early access to 3.6G...


Verizon wants you to pitch 5G to local officials

Verizon’s new ‘Let’s 5G" initiative is positioned as a resource on what 5G will offer communities and to "help citizens lobby their elected officials for 5G, potentially reducing the bottlenecks caused by sluggish local action." The site notes all 5G equipment is compliant with ...


Diverse 5G spectrum holdings fuel mix of 5G infrastructure: Special Report

In anticipation of Fierce Wireless’ virtual event 5G Blitz Week, which will feature a session on "Rolling Out 5G Infrastructure," Crown Castle’s Vice President of Product Development Mark Reudink discussed infrastructure solutions for 5G rollout. He noted that carriers contin...


Five things to know about 5G

Companies like Crown Castle are already deploying the infrastructure that will "comprise the backbone of 5G in Chicago and cities across the country." Regarding 5G, it will supprt roughly a 10,000 times increase in data traffic capacity, while delivering more instantaneous and real-time access. S...


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