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Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You?

Planning Magazine reported on the various benefits of deploying 5G infrastructure throughout Pittsburgh (Pa.), including speed and connectivity improvements in the medical and automotive industries. The article includes insights from Karmen Rajamani, the director of permitting and utilities for t...


Small progress, but Austin still lags in enabling 5G adoption

A pair of efforts to bring 5G telecommunication technology to portions of Austin is welcome news to proponents of the smart city capabilities available with widespread use. But the city still lags far behind other Texas cities in installation of the street-level “cells” needed to enab...


D-Link gets on the 5G train with a new home router

Ahead of CES 2019, D-Link has announced a new 5G home router (DWR-2010) that, instead of plugging into a traditional cable jack or modem, will use 5G mobile broadband to supply WiFi to a house. D-Link has yet to release information on how much the device will cost, which carriers it will be worki...


Seoul and SK Telecom to use 5G to prevent jaywalking

Seoul and SK Telecom plan to develop "cooperative-intelligent transport systems" that will utilize 5G and car telecommunication to increase safety, the two companies announced. They will install 5G and sensors at major roads in South Korea's capital. They will also supply 5G Vehicle-to-Everything...


Trump says he wants ‘5G, and even 6G’ wireless tech. But what is 6G?

Following President Trump’s tweet about 5G and 6G technology, The Washington Post published an article highlighting that "so far, 6G exists largely as a theoretical concept and is a long way from being deployed in the real world." FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said at a wireless indu...


5G raises twin privacy concerns, says former Bell Labs/AT&T Labs researcher

While 5G promises significantly faster mobile data connections, it also raises two privacy concerns, according a former researcher at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs Research. Dr. Steve Bellovin, who is now a professor of computer science at Columbia University, says the first issue is location data....


FCC chairman says US has early 5G lead

Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, said U.S. companies are the front-runners in the global race to build 5G wireless networks, a week after President Trump said those companies must step up their efforts or get left behind. “In my view, we’re in the lead with respect to 5G,” Pai tol...


5G infrastructure: an investment in public safety

Scott Dunaway, the spokesman for the Texas 5G Alliance, published an op-ed in Tech Titans advocating for the use of 5G infrastructure to find better ways to “use mobile technology to improve the safety of residents during an emergency,” which he argued should be a top priority. Dunawa...


Nokia and China Mobile launch hybrid 5G indoor system

Nokia and China Mobile Research Institute have co-operated to design an indoor network solution that combines passive antennas with 5G radio and Bluetooth beacons. The system "is designed to enable very localized services, reduce the cost of deploying 5G NR indoor coverage and capacity and simpli...


Verizon CEO sees home broadband as a ‘big opportunity’

At the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, "Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg touted the carrier’s 5G home residential broadband service as complementing its wired Fios offering while extending the ability to provide a wireless alternative to home connectivity." In his comments, Vestber...


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