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The 5G story: How to profit from the technological evolution

Although the 5G business is not expected to have much of an impact or become truly profitable until 2021, Crown Castle “is on the front lines of infrastructure development, and has promising growth prospects as the wireless carriers, like Verizon, look for fiber-fed small cell sites to fuel...


A big 5G investment cycle? Don't hold your breath

Light Reading’s Mike Dano reported that a wide range of industry experts are cautioning that North American wireless network operators don't appear poised to invest in 5G networks like they did with 3G and 4G. Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown was quoted from the Connect X trade show, stating "We'...


With ‘hands tied’ County Supervisors approve small cell ordinance

The San Diego County Board unanimously adopted its new regulations regarding 5G small cell sites. Chair Dianne Jacob said the new ordinance is "The best that we can do"—aiming to protect constituents and communities while complying with narrow federal regulations to keep up with demand of 5...


Pittsburgh Updates Its Infrastructure in Preparation For 5G

WESA reported on an interview with Crown Castle Public Affairs Manager Renee Morales, detailing the benefits of small cell deployment to bring 5G networks to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "Some studies point to as many as 300,000 small cells will be needed across the nation to compete globally in a 5...


Crown Castle: Potential King of 5G

Seeking Alpha reported on Crown Castle’s role in the deployment of 5G infrastructure, stating that the company has "positioned well for the future growth of the new cellular technology, and investing in CCI could be prudent for investors looking for a safer space from market volatility as w...


Top ten takeaways from the tower industry's terrific teleconference

Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown said he expects US operators to increase spending on 5G network buildouts starting in the second half of 2020. Expanding beyond the expected 5G boom, Brown elaborated that this rollout will create "great paying jobs" that will endure for the next 15 years. He also comme...


Small cell market spotlight: New York City

As New York City steadily leads in the rollout of 5G across major US cities, Crown Castle has maintained the strongest small cell presence in the area. The article cited a statistic from Crown Castle’s website: "78% of its current nodes and 58% of its proposed nodes in the city are located ...


Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown Discusses Their Role In 5G Rollout

Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown spoke with Nicole Petallides on TD Ameritrade Network. In the interview, Jay Brown discussed Crown Castle’s steady performance and role in the implementation of 5G technology, reiterating that Crown Castle’s business is a “critical component of the ent...


MD5G Partnership launches in support of 5G deployment throughout Md.

Maryland’s technology, civic and business leadership announced the MD5G Partnership, a coalition to create more connected communities through communications infrastructure and 5G connectivity, with Crown Castle as a listed member of the coalition. "The revolution to 5G throughout Maryland w...


We are so well positioned for where the world is going,’ Crown Castle CEO says

Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown was featured on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, where he discussed the importance of Crown Castle’s infrastructure in enabling the growth of 5G networks. Brown explained that the shared infrastructure model allows carriers to deploy services quicker and save up to 5...


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