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Op-Ed: We need 5G now more than ever

Crown Castle Government Affairs Manager Kathy Putt published an op-ed highlighting the importance for lawmakers to prioritize telecommunications policies that enable the deployment of 5G networks in Washington state. "Clearly, there is a real need to activate 5G networks. But in order to unlock t...


5G Technology to Propel Texas Into a More Connected, Faster Future

Reform Austin reported on the need for fast, reliable 5G networks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The article includes commentary from TX5G Alliance spokesman Scott Dunaway, who states: "The successful deployment of 5G takes a lot of different stakeholders, whether that is individual use...


Verizon’s 5G aspirations lead to over 10,000 voluntary resignations

In light of its 5G aspirations, Verizon announced approximately 10,400 of its employees voluntarily resigned as part of its "realigned organization structure." The cost-cutting program should help Verizon retool for its 5G technology. The realignment is a four-year, $10 billion cost-cutting progr...


5G will make life faster for Americans. The FCC should make sure no one gets left in the dust

The Washington Post Editorial Board covered the next generation of wireless networks, stating "5G will make life faster for Americans, and it will unleash innovation in industries from telemedicine to automated transportation." The Editorial Board noted that "private and public sectors will also ...


Three big tech trends for 2019

Forbes contributor Ross Gerber, CEO and president of Gerber Kawasaki Inc., outlined three big technology trends for 2019, including 5G wireless technology. He noted that the coming 5G network will present opportunities for not only service providers like Verizon, FiOS and Spectrum, but also the o...


The AMT growth story: Emerging market and 5G exposure

According to Seeking Alpha, as the world makes the shift from 4G to 5G, cell tower REITs stand to gain tremendous strength. In order to move forward with 5G development, there has to be more cell tower densification, which will spur growth for companies like Crown Castle.


5G Funding Could Be Included in the Next Stimulus Bill. These Stocks Could Benefit.

Barron’s reported that the next round of fiscal stimulus may include funding for 5G network and rural broadband infrastructure, which "would benefit cell tower real-estate trusts." The article highlighted Crown Castle as an "attractive [way] for investors to play the 5G transition," calling...


5G to Transform Content Production and Create New Business Models and Revenue Streams for Network Operators

ABI Research, a global technology market advisory firm, forecast that 5G network coverage will support more than 35 percent of the worldwide mobile user base in 2024. Video is expected to be a key application in driving mobile data consumption, and media and entertainment industries are looking t...


Getting Pittsburgh ready for 5G!

Crown Castle Government Affairs Director Jonathan Hart published an op-ed in PGH Tech Fuse about efforts in Pennsylvania to deploy 5G technology. Hart notes that, “Crown Castle and the Pittsburgh Technology Council have been prominent members of the Partnership, working to educate the broad...


Fiber: The Foundation for 5G

Crown Castle’s Karen Rohrkemper published an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Technology Council describing Crown Castle’s integral role as a provider of 5G infrastructure that will "dramatically benefit" many industries in Pennsylvania. "The growth resulting from the introduction of 5G in Pen...


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