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T-Mobile has 5G towers in most top U.S. markets, handsets arriving in 2019

During T-Mobile’s fourth-quarter 2018 results call, executives maintained that they’re "ready and excited for the launch of the company’s nationwide 5G network." T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said the company is adding "thousands upon thousands of new sites with 600Mhz capability," a...


AT&T announces Chicago and Minneapolis as its next 5G cities

On Tuesday, AT&T announced that Chicago and Minneapolis are the next cities to receive AT&T’s 5G network, predicted to be available in late 2019. Late last year, the company technically launched its network in twelve cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Indianapoli...


Samsung announces the Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung announced the launch of a top-tier model of the Galaxy S10 that offers 5G mobile data connectivity. Samsung says the S10 5G "can download a full season of a TV show in minutes, play graphics-rich cloud games with virtually no lag, enjoy enhanced VR and AR experiences and stay in touch wit...


Verizon says 5G will arrive in 30 cities in late 2019

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg told investors on Thursday that Verizon’s 5G network will be deployed in 30 cities this year. However, the company did not say which cities will be first, or how widely the technology will be deployed in the selected places. Verizon "confirmed that the flavor of 5G...


The Wall Street Journal

Western countries are building more barriers to Huawei Technologies Co. equipment in their 5G network rollouts. But that won’t change an underlying truth about the next-generation communications networks: Technology developed in China will be at the center. Huawei has put forth vastly more ...


Telcos bet on connecting everything to recoup 5G costs

Industry association GSMA, which hosts the Mobile World Congress, sees a vast opportunity in 5G. It estimates the number of devices connected to the IoT “will triple to 25 billion by 2025, generating a fourfold rise in revenues to $1.1 trillion.” Borje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson, said &l...


Will shift to 5G impact real estate?

Self-driving cars, ultra-fast high-def video downloads, 911 dispatchers, and smart homes will all benefit from the rollout of next generation wireless technologies known as 5G. But what might the land use and real estate implications be for municipalities, residents and developers?



NFL taps Verizon to create 5G services for football fans

Verizon is working with the NFL to create 5G wireless mobile games and augmented-reality services, “aiming to make football more engaging for fans.” As part of the agreement, Verizon will be the “official 5G innovation partner” of the NFL. In an interview, Verizon’s ...


Infrastructure REITs Towering Over the 5G Economy

Forbes contributor Brad Thomas reported that, over the next decade, wireless applications powered by 5G technologies are expected to disrupt nearly every sector of the economy, requiring massive investments in communications infrastructure. For this reason, Thomas states, cell tower companies and...


Mobile operators are moving rapidly towards 5G deployment

A recent report, known as the “Toward a More Secure 5G World,” showed that mobile service providers reported substantial progress in the deployment of commercial 5G networks, with 71% claiming that they have either already begun rollouts or will do so within the next 18 months. The re...


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