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5G is how CEO of wireless infrastructure company spells opportunity

Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown spoke with Texas Inc. about Crown’s progress in deploying fifth generation wireless technology. When asked how the rollout of 5G is going in Houston and other cities, Brown responded, “In Houston and other large cities, we’re focused on deploying 5G fo...


Autonomous vehicle expert says 5G make driverless cars safer

Dean Bushey, the general manager of self-driving car company Voyage, said that 5G technology will help make autonomous vehicles safer. "Right now, anything over a hundred milliseconds of latency is going to cause our cars to disrupt. So anytime we can get lower latency, higher bandwidth ... that'...


Deloitte predicts 50 operators will offer 5G connectivity by 2020

In its Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions for 2019, Deloitte found that 72 operators are currently testing 5G networks, and it predicts 25 will be launching 5G services this year. The report also found that the number of operators planning to launch 5G services will doubl...


Survey says: 5G developments vary

McKinsey & Company’s survey of 46 chief technology officers who are directly engaged in 5G development plans around the world found that nearly 70 percent of all operators in the world will not be deploying 5G networks until at least 2020, and that 5G development will be much slower out...


Crown Castle Joins 5G Americas Board

5G Americas, the wireless industry trade consortium and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas, announced the election of Crown Castle to its Board of Governors. Crown Castle will join 16 of the wireless industry’s leading operators and manufacturers who are essential to the deployment of LTE...


Ericsson, Qualcomm Technologies complete 2.6 GHz 5G NR test

Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies said they have achieved a non-standalone 5G New Radio data call at 2.6 GHz, adding a new frequency band to those successfully tested for commercial deployment. "Together with Qualcomm Technologies, Ericsson continues to make strides on commercial 5G readiness by...


T-Mobile announces 5G connection with Nokia

T-Mobile announced that it has achieved the global first live network 5G data transmission using low-band spectrum in partnership with Nokia, saying it will now be able to "blanket the country with broad 5G in 2020."

The trials, which took place in Spokane, Washington, showed that a single...


How Forsyth County is getting ready for 5G

As small cell towers go up in Forsyth County and the city of Cumming, GA, Scott Evans, senior technology manager for the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce said 5G “is increasing its potential footprint beyond major cities.” However, he noted that, right now, “5G is just...


Report: Verizon 5G Home service too expensive to scale, attracts few users

Research analysts at MoffettNathanson concluded in a recent report that Verizon’s 5G Home service isn’t practically scalable — “its short-range 5G small cells are expensive to install, reach too few customers, and might not be economically feasible for a nationwide rollout...


Florida companies building 5G infrastructure are ramping up hiring

While certain parts of Florida have begun to see preparation for 5G, like Jacksonville and Panama City, other areas like southern Florida have yet to receive a time table from carriers. Gartner senior principal analyst Bill Menezes “expects little geographic scale for commercial 5G services...


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