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FCC approves plan for freeing up more 5G spectrum

The FCC "has voted unanimously on service rule changes as part of a framework for freeing up spectrum…it's latest effort to boost the deployment of 5G, IoT and more, and the largest swath of contiguous spectrum currently available in the millimeter-wave bands."


China’s Huawei announces small increase in new 5G customer base

On Dec. 18, Huawei Technologies said it has secured more than 25 commercial contracts for 5G, slightly above the 22 the Chinese technology giant had announced here in November. Huawei has shipped more than 10,000 base stations for the fifth generation of mobile communications, its rotating chairm...


The race to 5G wireless tech is on. A report finds Americans may have an early lead.

Cisco’s annual Visual Networking Index Report, which studies industry trends, found that by 2022, "fifth-generation cellular networks will power as many as 9 percent of mobile data connections across North America," compared with 4 percent in Asia, indicating that Americans may have an earl...


Towers of power: federal, state and local governments vie for control of 5G

5G networks require the installation of small cells to improve wireless coverage and provide the necessary infrastructure to support the faster speeds and benefits that the 5th generation will bring. While some towns and cities have been receptive to companies like Crown Castle that install small...


NAB show wrap: The trends that mattered this year

During the National Association of Broadcasters' annual tech fest, 5G was a topic of importance on attendees minds. Crown Castle’s Chris Levendos “projected that a wide rollout is still three to five years away — but the technology does offer the promise higher bandwidth and low...


Q&A: Samsung’s Behbehani talks video use cases for 5G

Crown Castle’s Christopher Levendos joined a panel to discuss the future of 5G technology and how it will disrupt media and broadcasting. Also in attendance was Taher Behbehani, senior vice president and general manager of mobile B2B at Samsung, who said “user experience for adoption ...


NAB ushers in the new TV ecosystem

At the NAB 2019 conference, Crown Castle VP Chris Levendos forecasted that a wide rollout of 5G is still three to five years away, but emphasized that the technology does offer the promise of higher bandwidth and lower latency, meaning the ability to handle more data, and faster being about 20 ti...


5G May Drive Carriers to Share Networks – Like It or Not

Light Reading report that, as the global wireless industry enters the first stages of commercial 5G, US operators will increasingly move toward a shared deployment model. "Such sharing will likely extend into the small cell arena, given that companies like Crown Castle are betting that their smal...


5G and the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger How They Are Related and How It Impacts You

EconoTimes reported on the various ways the T-Mobile/Sprint merger will impact the wireless industry and the rollout of 5G networks, noting that the merger will increase network spending in line with Verizon and AT&T, which would result into an immediate boost to revenues for companies includ...


OP-ED: Making the virtual connection

Jeff Kotula, President of the Washington County Chamber, published an op-ed emphasizing the need for connectivity and stronger wireless infrastructure in Pennsylvania, stating that the emergence of 5G will help to increase data capacity, improve network speed and enable innovations that will driv...


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