Malcolm Eve with Crown Castle

Atlanta Business Radio interviewed Malcolm Xavier Eve, who leads Crown Castle’s public affairs strategy and activities for the South Area of the US. Malcolm spoke about Crown Castle’s capabilities in deploying the necessary infrastructure to bring about a robust 5G network for the future.

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The Rudin Family in Collaboration with Crown Castle Launches First Multi-Tenant Citizens Broadband Radio Service Network (CBRS)

The Rudin Family, in collaboration with the nation’s leading communications infrastructure company, Crown Castle, announced that 345 Park Avenue has become one of the first multitenant commercial office buildings in the United States to enable Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

Crown Castle Posts Full-year 2020 Results Citing “Solid Growth”

Crown Castle released its full-year 2020 results, showing solid growth and projecting similar growth rates for 2021. CEO Jay Brown stated, “We believe our unique portfolio of assets positions us to benefit from what we expect will be a decade-long investment cycle as our customers deploy...

The Future of Boston is 5G

Crown Castle’s Public Affairs Manager Ashley Greenspan wrote an article for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce blog, where she discussed the benefits of 5G and how 5G will connect devices across industries, including healthcare, education, transportation and improving the livability ...

Is Crown Castle International a Buy?

The Motley Fool reporter Marc Rapport provided a comprehensive review of Crown Castle’s portfolio, discussing on whether or not to invest in Crown Castle stock. Rapport stated, “As embedded as it is and successful as Crown Castle has been, there are good reasons to make its stock a...

Tampa airport becomes first in nation to offer comprehensive 5G mobile network

Tampa International Airport is the first airport to offer a comprehensive 5G mobile network. Last week, the airport announced the completion of a distributed antenna system (DAS) project launched in 2018 and included the installation of 800 antennas and 50 miles of fiber. The project was spear...

Who Wins When Carriers Spend Big on Wireless Spectrum?

The Motley Fool reporter Adam Levy discussed how tower companies will benefit from the FCC CBand spectrum auction as telecom companies will need a way to deploy their spectrum. “Nonetheless, Crown Castle should see strong interest to deploy spectrum from its existing customers. Crown Cas...

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