Pacific Northwest Net is a media transport provider of broadcast-quality video and audio for television, venues, film studios and more. The company requires a reliable, high-capacity network to transport broadcast-quality content with best-in-class uptime for their global customer base—making their network critical to their business.

At a glance.

Company Name

Pacific Northwest Net


Media & Entertainment


28 facilities

Solutions Used



Northeast Corridor

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The need.

In order to meet evolving customer transport needs in the Northeast corridor—a high-growth region—Pacific Northwest Net sought out a provider for:

  • A fully restorable, easily-managed Ethernet solution to provide diversity to its existing media transport network and improve uptime.
  • A partner who understands the importance and sensitivity of transporting large, uncompressed video files.
  • A scalable network to meet future demand—including new ways to transport large amounts of content and data without added latency.

The solution.

  • We worked closely with Pacific Northwest Net to design and install a customized, flexible Ethernet solution in the Northeast corridor between Boston and New York.
  • Pacific Northwest Net’s efficient, fully restorable and easily managed network has point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint connections that extend from its local buildings to the metro network and beyond—with no additional equipment.

The impact.

  • Pacific Northwest Net’s Ethernet network enables them to grow their customer base and provide more robust solutions for transporting media files—quickly and reliably.
  • The network’s ability to scale also allows them to continually adapt to new file requirements and customer needs.
  • Pacific Northwest Net has a long-term partner who understands the media transport industry and can continue to provide knowledge and support as they take advantage of new technologies—like edge computing.  

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