We’re ready to GO with our new formal WISP program that takes a different approach to pricing and tiered support—all centered around making it simple and easy.

We’re continuously taking a deeper look at how we build solutions for WISPs like you. You’ve been with us from the start, and shared lots of great feedback. And we’ve heard you and are taking action. What’s not changing is our dedication to improving your experience, helping you navigate your toughest deployment challenges and getting you on air faster. We want to be a great partner and your honesty helps ensure we’re implementing the right programs and processes to drive results for you and your team.

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What’s in our new WispGO program?

  • No upfront fees. We’ll cover the cost of your application, structural analysis, construction drawings and zoning and permitting, if needed—helping you get started from app to NTP.
  • Contract terms, on your terms. We’ll work with you on contract terms that are favorable to your business. Whether you need to align contract terms with pending state or federal broadband funding, or you’re in a growth period where capital is constrained.
  • Creative pricing. We’re ready to get creative. For instance, flexible pricing in exchange for a volume commitment or if you’re just getting started, we can work together to maximize your capital.
  • Data analytics to help you build for the future. We’re innovating with industry leading data analytics to help plan your build-outs and discover where demand exists for current or future markets. We can overlay tower and fiber assets (ours and competitors), census blocks and auction spectrum winners, points of interest and topographic datasets.
  • Premier support. We’ve changed our project delivery structure to work harder for you. WISPs now have access to faster timelines to get you on air including a focused support team to help with project management and planning along with scheduling tools and reporting.
  • Value-add solutions. We’ve heard you and are taking a deeper look at how we build solutions for WISPs like you. Whether it’s Fiber to the Tower (FTTT) or Fixed Wireless, we offer custom solutions that deliver value for your network needs—including a competitive fiber offering coming soon.

Crown Castle has excellent customer service that I rely on, which increases Mercury Broadband’s speed to market with sites on air faster.

Darryl C. Director of field operations, Mercury Broadband

We prioritize Crown Castle assets in our site selection process simply because of the ease in communication and efficient processing of administrative requirements.

Michael M. Chief Technology Officer, HUB66

The scaled-down process works well to enable our aggressive fixed-wireless construction efforts.

Todd B. Project Operations Principal, Watch Communications

Crown Castle has been a pleasure to work with. They have been responsive as we work through our deployment, and we have a weekly call to help drive our deployment lead time down.

Chris S. Chief Technology Officer, WISPER Internet

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