Managing communications infrastructure is our business. As a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), we're a reliable partner who brings decades of real estate experience. With over 25,000 completed real estate transactions, we've built a reputation for offering the most value and the best customer service experience—earning us a 90% overall landowner satisfaction rating. Our real estate partners know that we're in it for the long haul, and can be trusted to treat their property with the care and respect it deserves. So whether looking for a long-term, steady source of income or one-time, tax-efficient cash buyout, we'll help secure your future with a solution that gets the most out of your lease.

Maximizing opportunities for land and building owners.

Landowners who want to get more out of their leases, including:

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Communities of worship

Building owners with existing rooftop wireless tenant leases, including:

  • Single: Looking for a lump-sum cash buyout and additional revenue
  • Regional: Looking for total portfolio support and new sources of revenue and capital
  • National: Looking to maximize new wireless revenue opportunity

Are you getting the most from the assets on your property?

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A partnership you can rely on—from start to finish.

We’re committed to providing a seamless experience for our partners—from evaluation and contracts to payment and ongoing support. With a business model that allows us to offer flexible terms and payouts, we’ll help you evaluate your options and choose the one that makes the most financial sense for you and your objectives. Our team knows local zoning and real estate laws, ensuring a fast and smooth transaction. And with exceptional customer service and local offices around the country, you can count on timely payments and personal support. 

Make the most of your rooftop assets.

Our Rooftop Alliance Program offers building owners a unique way to maximize opportunities from their rooftop assets. We offer flexible terms and payouts for rooftop wireless tenant leases—giving building owners an immediate lump-sum payment or other steady source of income. We’ll maintain the site, manage relationships with wireless carriers and provide ongoing marketing using CCIsitesour patented, state-of-the-art tool that allows wireless carriers to discover available sites. Plus we can pay you a revenue share for each new tenant we put on your property.

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Contact us to explore our flexible options for your tower or rooftop lease.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Today, the demand for new towers is minimal; however, you can register your site using our registration form and selecting "I want to register my land" from the OWNER TYPE drop-down to be added to our database for future consideration. Please note, you will only be contacted if a need arises in your area.

Information from parties other than our Authorized Agents may be inaccurate or misleading. We recommend working with our Authorized Agents when conducting a lease buyout or agreement.

Advantage Engineers, Airosmith Development, ATECS, Beacon Development, Belleview Wireless, Centerline, Electrical Design Consultants, FP Lester, HPC Wireless, J Lee Associates, Md7, MMI Titan, NBC, North Group, NTP Wireless, OnAir Communications, Reach Net Solutions, Selective Site Consultants Inc. (SSC), SmartLink, Telecom Site Management, The Lyle Company, Thomson Wireless, Unkel and Associates.

Timing: A lease extension can be an important aspect of securing your future revenue stream. If your ground lease has less than 30 years remaining, you should consider discussing a lease extension with us. This maximizes the opportunity for us to attract new customers and for the site on your land to remain a viable asset in our portfolio.
Incremental benefits: We encourage landowners to contact us if their lease is 30 years or less so we can discuss the best way for you to secure your current existing rental streams prior to lease expiration.
Third parties: You should first ask yourself whether or not this company will be around in future years. Smaller, third-party firms may not have the long-term viability of a larger, more established firm like Crown Castle. So it is important to consider whether the company will be in business long enough to fulfill its obligations to you.
Right of First Refusal (ROFR): This document or lease provision basically says that if you ever want to sell your property, you will notify us first, and we will have the right to match any offer. A ROFR protects both of us. It gives us the confidence to tell our customers we’ll be in that location as long as necessary and it gives you the financial security that comes from a reliable revenue stream.

Crown Castle can provide a copy from our records. For security purposes, you must have your Business Unit Number and make your request in writing, with all landowners signing the request. Call the Landowners Help Desk’s toll-free number at (866) 482-8890 or email for assistance.

If you have any specific concerns with the physical state of the tower, compound, or access road, please contact our Network Operations Center at (800) 788-7011.

If you have one or more towers and you’re looking for a fast, easy closing process, we can help. We’ll work with you to evaluate various options with no strings attached. Our streamlined process—from signing to closing—typically takes 30 days or less, with a lump sum paid to you at closing. We also pick up the closing costs. To learn more, fill out this form by selecting "I am a tower portfolio owner" in the OWNER TYPE drop-down menu.

We have extensive experience in real estate and communications infrastructure, and will work with you to define flexible terms based on your needs, giving you the best deal possible, quickly and efficiently. The process can take up to 90 days, including due diligence and final payments. Afterwards, we’ll manage relationships with wireless carriers and continue to provide support, as you need it.

Through our Rooftop Alliance Program, we’ll offer you a cash buyout of your rooftop wireless tenant leases—providing you with a lump sum payment that you can use to fund your immediate capital needs. We’ll also be responsible for the ongoing marketing of the rooftop site and will pay you a revenue share for each new tenant we put on your property. We’ll maintain the site and manage the relationships with the wireless carriers. And with our best-in-class CCIsites tool, the site will be instantly visible to those carriers looking to expand service in your area—creating more revenue opportunities for you—and less hassle.

There may be several potential tax advantages to negotiating a buyout. You should consult a tax advisor about all the potential benefits available to you. But certain lump sum payouts may be treated as capital gains and are taxed at a lower rate. You may also qualify for 1031 tax-deferred exchange. Learn more here.

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