Technology is changing the way we interact with the world. The rapid adoption of smartphones, wearables, and other connected devices is only the beginning. Soon, everything from traffic lights, machines, and driverless cars will all be connected. The networks that will support these new innovations are driven by our portfolio of towers, small cells, and fiber. To continue building and maintaining this infrastructure, we need the help of a diverse network of suppliers and contractors. They work with our employees to help our customers utilize our assets in a way that brings the world’s biggest ideas and possibilities to the people and business who need them.

Crown Castle has established criteria that must be met by all suppliers before providing site-related services. There are three types of suppliers: carrier, subcontractor, and contractor. The definition and criteria for each is provided below.

Carrier suppliers

Carrier suppliers work directly for one of our licensed wireless carriers on a Crown Castle site and do not need be qualified by Crown Castle. However, we do require that your company sign a Master Site Indemnity Agreement (MSI) with Crown Castle.

How to receive a MSI Agreement

The carrier must initiate the request on your behalf through their Crown Castle Project Manager. The MSI Agreement only allows your firm to work on a Crown Castle site when working directly for one of our licensed carriers.


Subcontractors who work directly for one of our approved contractors (see below) are not required to be qualified contractors to work on Crown Castle assets.


Contractors work directly for Crown Castle primarily at our telecommunication sites in the areas of new construction, repair, modification, and maintenance, as well as professional services such as site acquisition, engineering, project management, regulatory, and environmental services. This work is performed under Crown Castle Services Master Agreement(s) depending on the type of services you offer.

How to become a contractor.

The quickest way to begin the qualification process is to have a Crown Castle employee sponsor your company. However, if you do not have a sponsor for your company, please complete the New Contractor Information Form, attach your Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rating Worksheet, and email them to

Supplier Diversity Presentation.

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