How Baltimore’s Boys and Girls Clubs provide digital access to members

Crown Castle partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore (BGCMB) to bridge the digital divide by providing connectivity to the Baltimore-area. The partnership provided 50 new tablets to its youth members and trained staff in online youth development following the city’s decision to reopen virtually.

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Catalogue for Philanthropy

Urban Ed President Roxanne Williams thanked Crown Castle (13:12) for their partnership in a Catalogue for Philanthropy news clip highlighting local charities. Williams stated, “Thanks to a partnership with Crown Castle, we were able to provide these students with stipends during this pan...

1871 Extends Its Resources to the Neighborhoods of Chicago

Last Tuesday, 1871, a premier tech organization in Chicago, launched their Small Business Initiative of which Crown Castle is a title sponsor. The program brings resources and mentorship to Chicago’s small businesses to support their digital transformation and growth.

Viewpoint: Strong IT connections? Strong job connections.

Roxanne Williams, president of UrbanEd, published an op-ed in the Washington Business Journal detailing the tech talent shortage and need for technology training programs in the Washington, D.C. area. She said that that this training not only focuses on job or certification training, but offer...

E2D is on a mission to close the digital divide in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools

Through a strategic partnership with E2D aimed at closing the digital divide in Charlotte (NC), Crown Castle has provided the company with $25,000 to purchase hardware supplies including hard drives, power cords and batteries – all essential parts to building a computer. "We...

Empowering Human Potential in a Digitally Connected World

Crown Castle’s Connected by Good program was featured in the National Cristina Foundation’s e-newsletter, Cristina Connections. The mention includes details of Crown Castle’s donation of over 500 refurbished Chromebooks that were distributed to families by human-...

Crown Castle Donates $1 Million to UNCF, and Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown Matches with Additional $1 Million Gift

As part of Crown Castle’s Connected by Good Program, the company announced a $2 million combined donation to the United Negro College Fund. This gift will fund scholarships for students attending UNCF’s 37 member historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and...

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