Crown Castle Releases 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

Crown Castle released its 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report. “Our lives in the US changed dramatically in 2020 and, as a result, how we connect has evolved. Crown Castle, now more than ever, is committed to building and maintaining the essential communications infrastructure connecting our communities – making them safer, better places to live. We are excited about the enhancements we have made to this year’s CSR, and we look forward to continued engagement on this important area of focus,” said Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown.

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Crown Castle Well Positioned To Ride The 5G Wave

Seeking Alpha’s review of Crown Castle showed the company in good standing to “ride the wave of 5G”. The article stated, “CCI's focus on small cell towers is already bearing fruit. While CCI's fiber assets are unlikely to add incremental demand for its tower business fr...

NWSA Launches Spanish Language Tower Tech Assessments

The National Wireless Safety Alliance announced Spanish language translation assessment tests for tower technicians will be available in late December 2020. Crown Castle’s Jose L. Santos Ortiz participated as a subject matter expert in the Spanish Technical Work Group to guide the effort...

American Tower is undaunted by Dish’s 20,000 tower deal with Crown, they’ll wait for their turn

American Tower CFO Rod Smith spoke at a UBS Global TMT conference call where he said he thought it was “great” that Dish was signing a long-term agreement with Crown Castle for leasing space on 20,000 communications towers. Smith discussed Dish and Crown Castle’s deal and its...

Small cell outlook remains cloudy in US market

Growth in the small cell sector has been slow and filled with issues. The major three carriers are less focused on small cell buildout efforts, so most of the attention on small cells comes from Crown Castle, the only tower company that has invested heavily in small cells. "I think that busine...

The Top 20 Tower Industry Executives: 2020

TowerXchange released a special edition report, profiling the top 20 tower industry executives of the year. Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown was recognized in the report.

Crown Castle positioned for outsized portion of initial Dish build, CFO says

After being the first tower company to secure an infrastructure deal with DISH, Crown Castle is positioned for an outsized portion of the initial DISH buildout. The 15 -year Master Lease Agreement (MLA) between the two companies is for up to 20,000 tower sites and includes fiber services as we...

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