5G’s potential, and why businesses should start preparing for it

Omar Abbosh, group chief executive of Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology operating group, and Larry Downes, Senior Fellow with Accenture Research, published an article in Harvard Business Review highlighting the findings of a new Accenture survey of nearly 2,000 technology and business executives in 10 countries which “revealed deep uncertainty about next-generation mobile network technology.” Abbosh and Downes recommended “an aggressive but measured approach to planning for and investing in 5G today,” stating it makes little sense for companies “to bet on one particular technology or application,” and that “the old approach of waiting for new 5G-powered markets to emerge and jumping in later as a so-called ‘fast follower’ won’t work.”

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Crown Castle is wired to keeping everyone connected

Internet acivity in the US has increased between 20 and 25 percent during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Crown Castle Government Affairs Director Jonathan Hart stated that Crown Castle is working with schools and businesses to set up mobile hot spots to increase connectivi...

FCC’s ‘big news’ around tower co-location provides network predictability, cost savings

At the ConnectX virtual conference, Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown commented on the FCC’s plan that seeks to remove some of the regulatory hurdles around tower co-location. Brown stated that not being able to co-locate would reduce the time and costs involved in modifying or add...

Top ten takeaways from the tower industry's terrific teleconference

Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown said he expects US operators to increase spending on 5G network buildouts starting in the second half of 2020. Expanding beyond the expected 5G boom, Brown elaborated that this rollout will create "great paying jobs" that will endure for the next 15 year...

Small cell market spotlight: New York City

As New York City steadily leads in the rollout of 5G across major US cities, Crown Castle has maintained the strongest small cell presence in the area. The article cited a statistic from Crown Castle’s website: "78% of its current nodes and 58% of its proposed nodes in the c...

SF must focus on a digital divide amplified by the coronavirus crisis

A recent report released by the city of San Francisco revealed that approximately one in eight residents lacks access to high-speed home internet, and one in seven families in public school lacks a computer connected to the internet at home. Without high-speed internet access or s...

Fortune 500

Crown Castle has been listed as #496 on the 2020 Fortune 500 list.

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