3 ways 5G can impact law enforcement technology

Officer.com published an article outlining ways that 5G can help law enforcement, including via robotics, drones and camera surveillance. As one example, the article highlighted when a nine-year-old girl went missing in Florida. Authorities "searched for the girl using one of FlyMotion’s drones and live streamed video footage from the drone back to police headquarters...The faster network speeds of Gigabit-Class LTE can help give situations like this a happy ending by allowing drones with thermal imaging to see better—not just during the day but also at night—and transmit clearer, crisper pictures to law enforcement officers. Essentially, police now have a set of eyes and ears in the sky." The article concludes that by allowing technology like 5G to face the most dangerous parts of the job, police officers and their communities will be better protected.

Read full article here.




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