In anticipation of the pope's 2015 public mass in Philadelphia's tree-lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway, this historic area needed a wireless infrastructure upgrade. We collaborated with the City of Philadelphia and national wireless carriers to design, approve and install a new small cell network—all in less than nine months.

How we worked together.

  • With long-standing relationships in Philadelphia, we were able to facilitate collaboration and cooperation from multiple parties.

  • Coordinated with the planner of the event and obtained approvals from six separate city agencies and three network carriers.

  • Installed a state-of-the-art network with nodes on existing streetlights and inconspicuous poles to preserve the aesthetics of the Parkway.

What we achieved.

  • One carrier’s data usage reached nearly 13 terabytes—7.5x what they reported from the venue of the NFL’s biggest game that year.
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