Our long and constructive relationship with the city of Orlando and surrounding Orange County began in 2011. Our strong history of working together allowed us to collaborate from a position of mutual trust. Ultimately we were able to deploy a new small cell network and lend our expertise to new ordinances in Orlando that will ensure quicker installations at the highest industry standards in the future.

How we worked together.

  • Collaborated with city officials to craft new ordinances that ensured future installations meet the highest standards.

  • Developed streamlined and predictable processes for approving and deploying new networks.

  • Built strong sense of trust with government agencies, departments, utility companies and community members—helping to avoid construction moratoria.

What we achieved.

  • Developed new ordinances in Orlando that can be referenced in surrounding communities.

  • Created a more practical and predictable process for permitting and administering small cells.

  • Built strong relationships that enable faster and more seamless upgrades and network expansions.

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