With the Cavaliers on their way to the NBA championship and the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) coming to town, Cleveland needed a large-scale network upgrade. With strict regulations and high aesthetic standards, we worked with city officials on a program that engaged the public and contributed to the city's culture.

How we worked together.

  • Collaborated with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance to introduce the “Connections that Matter” Art Box Series—a contest that engaged local artists in the community.
  • Local artists submitted work—the winning artwork was used to wrap equipment boxes.
  • Boxes became attractive and popular conversation pieces for the community across the downtown area.
  • Balanced the needs and interests of the wireless carrier with the various municipal departments, including Engineering Design, Construction Inspection, the Bureau of Sidewalks, Plats & Surveys and the Historic Landmarks Commission.

What we achieved.

  • Network expansion was completed ahead of schedule.
  • Art box series has contributed to the culture and vibrancy of the downtown area.

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