Baltimore is a dynamic confluence of cultures and neighborhoods—and is quickly becoming a tourist destination that has largely shifted to a new age economy focused on service-oriented industries, such as education, retail and entertainment. This shift has caused demand for mobile data to grow exponentially in Baltimore—making faster, more reliable wireless connectivity essential for the city. We were brought in to find an infrastructure solution that would bring much-needed coverage and capacity improvements to Baltimore’s wireless ecosystem.

How we worked together.

  • Worked closely with community members and city officials across multiple departments to obtain approval.

  • Ensured that the installation did not distract from the character and aesthetics of the downtown area.

  • Carefully considered the various needs and interests of the unique mix of residents, students, businesses and tourists.

What we achieved.

  • Deployed a small cell network with over 500 nodes in high-density parts of the city with plans to install an additional 583 locations.
  • Improved the city’s wireless coverage and capacity to meet current and future needs.

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