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Fixed wireless is creating more opportunity.

More than ever before, people and businesses expect to stay connected to work and life. Fixed wireless offers businesses and property managers a new way to stay connected. And while it’s traditionally been deployed in rural environments, it’s now a proven and reliable solution for urban and suburban areas too. Complementary to fiber, it’s a way to provide high speed broadband internet or ethernet access, using a radio link to connect two fixed locations.

Where fixed wireless fits in.

Broadband is increasingly becoming a necessity of life, but there are still many areas where connectivity is a challenge. Fixed wireless is a new solution bridging the gap, and brings many benefits.

Quicker speed to market

Easy installation.

With an easy installation, you can turn up an enterprise-grade fixed wireless link fast—helping scale your network to stay ahead.

Increased reliability

A proven solution.

Fixed wireless uses advanced technologies that deliver reliable connectivity. When combined with fiber transport, it delivers up to 99.99% network reliability.

Network diversity

Added peace-of-mind.

Provides secondary protection via a physically diverse circuit—it’s a cost-effective way to improve network reliability.

Greater flexibility

Keep all your sites connected.

From difficult to reach areas, to a temporary line of service for one-time events or new construction while your network is being built, fixed wireless solves complex connectivity challenges.

New opportunities

Transforming networks and access.

Fixed wireless is a prime use case for new technologies like CBRS and 5G, expanding access for all—allowing for high-bandwidth, high-performance networks.

A simple process, done right.

Deploying fixed wireless is easier than you think. But there are five important steps to getting you on air the right way.

Determine line of sight

Determine line of sight between our fiber network and the customer location to ensure there are no obstructions like trees or buildings.

Obtain access and permits

Obtain all the necessary building access and zoning permits in order to install equipment.

Deploy equipment

Install antennas and radios at the most ideal location, using a rooftop riser if necessary.

Adjust equipment for line of sight

Make sure equipment is positioned for the best signal.

Establish demarcation point

Within your location, we will expand the service to your equipment room.

Fixed wireless by the numbers.

  • ~19M

    Americans lack access to broadband service at threshold speeds.

  • 8.2GB

    of data per day used by the average fixed wireless subscriber.

    (Fixed Wireless Network Report, 2020 Q3 edition)

Fixed wireless will play a larger role in broadband networks as operators look for cost-effective ways to deploy coverage in high-cost areas.

Jeff Johnston Economist, CoBank Knowledge Exchange (2020)

We’re where you need us to be.

Fixed wireless is all about location. With our unique portfolio of more than 40,000 towers and approximately 90,000 route miles of fiber, we’re ready. And with deep expertise and local resources in nearly every major US market, we can help you navigate the process. Our comprehensive suite of solutions solve your connectivity challenges—creating more access and building for a smarter tomorrow.

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