With the increasing demands of customers and the fast pace of innovation in technology, wireless carriers face unique challenges. Their networks need to be able to handle faster, more capable devices. They need to accommodate more streaming video, AR and VR experiences—not to mention the internet of things and the upcoming transition to 5G. These developments are facing all wireless providers, but may be especially challenging for regional carriers who will be expected to compete, but may not have the same access to capital and in-house expertise.

We are the nation's largest provider of shared communications infrastructure. If you're a wireless or competitive carrier you may already be familiar with our nationwide portfolio of towers, small cells, and fiber. With more than 25 years of experience and service teams located in nearly 100 local offices, we are in an ideal position to deliver end-to-end, turnkey solutions that will get you on air quickly. We work with both regional and national providers to develop creative solutions that meet your unique requirements, while giving you the ability to grow and scale with the fast pace of innovation.

Helping you plan your network.

With our extensive site data and expertise, we’ll help you determine the right mix of towers, rooftop installations, or small cells for your project. Our best-in-class site location and analysis tool, CCIsites, will give you access to data on over 235,000 assets and GIS features like proximity analytics. We’ll perform all the due diligence, site inspections, and project-area audits, as well as any regulatory filings or approvals. Throughout the entire planning process, we’ll be there to make sure you have a clear path to implementation.

Getting your project off the ground.

Our engineers and project managers will work with you to make sure your project is executed according to the highest industry standards, in the shortest time possible. That includes planning, managing, and coordinating all required construction from start to finish. Using our regional knowledge and relationships, we’ll secure all zoning and municipal approvals, as well as any required building permits. We’ll then make sure your project is completed with the best quality vendors and materials.

A dedicated, long-term partner.

Long after your project is completed, you can count on us to be there for any needs that may arise. Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers provide ongoing support, 24/7 site monitoring, and experienced, local service teams who are always available when needed and who can act quickly should a problem arise.

Having a partner like Crown Castle is an essential part of making wireless build-outs seem easy. We all know there are hundreds of things that need to be coordinated, solved and completed before we can declare victory on a site. Many of these things we don’t even see because partners like you make it look easy.

Bill D. Wireless Engineering Director, Frontier Communications

We are grateful for the enthusiasm, responsiveness, accessibility, professionalism, out of the box thinking, and urgency that Crown Castle demonstrates toward our collective efforts.

Ken B. Site Development Manager, T-Mobile
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