unWired Broadband serves one of the nation's key agricultural regions in central California, making it the ninth largest fixed wireless provider in the country. It started as a small operation with just one tower and a scattering of customers that were underserved by more traditional broadband providers. Today, they serve a mix of residential and enterprise customers, from small farms to multi-billion dollar businesses with mission-critical high-bandwidth needs. Their service plays an important role in making sure that rural communities have the same access to high quality broadband as the rest of the country.

The need.

In order for unWired Broadband to continue providing coverage and capacity to as many communities as possible, they needed an infrastructure solution that would allow them to expand and grow on their terms and on their schedule. As a comparatively small broadband provider, they couldn’t afford huge capital expenditures, and the one-off lease agreements they were relying on were expensive, time-consuming, and made it difficult to reach new customers. They needed a streamlined solution that would allow them to expand on demand and efficiently navigate government and municipal red tape.

The solution.

We worked closely with unWired Broadband on a custom agreement that gave them 40 new tower leases to work with. Understanding their unique requirements, our agreement allows a period of time to set up their equipment and acquire customers before any payments are due, maximizing our asset and providing them with business terms that meet their model. Our dedicated personnel have regional expertise and proprietary tools to help unWired Broadband make the best decisions about future sites, expansion plans, and even assistance identifying and reaching new customers. And our experience working with local municipalities and government agencies keeps the process moving without delay. 

The impact.

  • As their primary partner, we plan to help unWired Broadband increase their tower portfolio by over 25%—reaching 140 towers by 2019. 

  • They’re on track to serve 11,000 residential and business customers.

  • Optimized internal processes have resulted in more consistent lease agreements, simpler operations, and faster growth.

  • They’re ideally positioned to meet emerging demands like 5G.

Crown Castle quickly recognized that we were in a growth phase of our business. They identified an opportunity to collaborate with us and have been an active participant in selecting the infrastructure and areas that would best serve our customers.

Kevin M. Vice President of Operations, unWired Broadband

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