In South Florida, Gastro Health is known for providing patients with quality medical and preventative care in the field of gastroenterology. They are a group of board-certified physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nutritionists and technicians spread out across 35 locations.

At a glance.

Company Name

Gastro Health




35 locations

Solutions Used

Internet Access


South Florida

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The need.

  • Connections between Gastro Health’s central data center, backup facilities and remote office locations to facilitate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) use.
  • Greater network access and reliability to support EMR and improve patient care.
  • Ease and flexibility to grow and expand their network into the future.

The solution.

  • We connected the main office with nine of their remote locations via a multi-point Ethernet and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service.

  • The main office is equipped with 1Gbps Ethernet access and 100Mbps internet access, while the remote locations have various bandwidth options. All locations share the 100Mbps DIA circuit.

  • Each site has a GigE interface to accommodate future growth and demand.

Crown Castle has helped us develop a vision for our growing network, and their network engineers have become an extension of our IT department. They genuinely care about Gastro Health and its patients’ safety.

Brad G. Director of IT and Security Officer, Gastro Health

The impact.

  • With nine of Gastro Health’s sites currently connected through Crown Castle’s network, they are able to offer EMR hosting as a service.

  • Crown Castle’s intra-metro latency of sub 5ms allows Gastro Health to fully utilize their Committed Information Rate (CIR) and deliver superior service with minimal delay.

  • Gastro has the infrastructure in place to add more locations and increase bandwidth at a minimal cost—and without disruption to current locations.

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