From the latest smartphones to the connected cities of the future, we play an important role in bringing transformative innovations to people and businesses. That’s why we need skilled, creative and future-focused data and digital experts to support our critical day-to-day functions—and help us define what’s next for our business.

Our team includes architects, software engineers, data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, security professionals and more. Those who succeed tend to be collaborative, creative thinkers who find excitement in solving complex problems using agile methodology and want to be involved in the next generation of technology.

As a new teammate at Crown Castle, it’s refreshing to work for an organization that embraces change and collaboration, and encourages teams to adopt Lean Agile mindset. This team is a major player in our digital transformation.

Chris VP Digital Engineering

It’s great to work for such an employee-focused company, with our B3 values at the core of everything we do. Crown Castle motivates me to achieve higher goals, and as a software engineer, it’s exciting to develop innovative tools and applications that streamline our processes and make life easier for our customers.

Kavita Software Engineer II

Crown Castle is refreshing because everyone is really good at what they do and all of my teammates meet the definition of a team player. I’ve never heard anyone say, “that’s not my job”—everyone is always ready to jump in and help solve any issue. The people at Crown Castle truly set us apart.

Carl IT CRM Solutions Engineer

Data & Digital at Crown Castle.

When you join our team as a data and digital expert, you’ll work with other strategic, analytical professionals to help us:

  • Transform the way we use data to make decisions that deliver the best results for our customers and our business.

  • Architect, build and support the IT systems and databases that drive our mission-critical functions. 

  • Collaborate across the organization to bring together data, intelligence and systems that help us reach our business goals

  • Manage and provide hands-on support for the internal systems that help us provide the highest levels of service for our customers.


At Crown Castle, you’ll have the opportunity to work with other leading experts who will support your continued learning and growth.

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