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5G means you’ll have to say goodbye to your location privacy

Fast Company reported on concerns with 5G privacy, stating “There is one major–and unavoidable–drawback to 5G: It’s going to cost you your location privacy. Anyone with access to your ISP’s cell tower data will be able to hone in on your exact location far more preci...


5 ways 5G will improve business in Orlando

Orlando Business Journal published an article outlining five ways that 5G can improve business in Orlando, FL, stating, "In almost every way, 5G can impact how local firms do business and connect with customers, whether that’s a doctor examining a patient remotely through telemedicine, or r...


AT&T the first to launch 5G mobile service in U.S., in a dozen cities

"This is the first taste of the mobile 5G era," AT&T Labs and chief technology officer Andrew Fuetsch said in a statement. Scott Dunaway, a spokesman for the Texas 5G Alliance, stated "5G is a global race right now. It's changing so quickly right now. Cities are really working very hard. If t...


AT&T’s 5G network now live in San Antonio

On December 18, AT&T announced it had turned on its new 5G mobile network in 12 cities, including San Antonio. Later that week, it released a select number of wireless hotspots in area stores. "This is the first taste of the mobile 5G era," said Andre Fuetsch, president of AT&T Labs and c...


Finland is trying to compete with China and the US in the race for 5G

Finnish telecom company Nokia is gaining momentum in the mobile communications market as a key player making 5G equipment and software. The company’s efforts have helped put Finland on the map in the worldwide race to develop and implement 5G wireless technology. "They (Nokia) are trying to...


Sami Badri, Credit Suisse explains direct and indirect beneficiaries of 5G

At the CapRE Fourth Annual Greater Seattle & Pacific Northwest Data Center Summit, keynote speaker Sami Bardi, senior analyst at Credit Suisse, spoke about his 5G research. Bardi highlighted companies that are directly, positively impacted by the 5G adoption rate, including AT&T, Verizon,...


Partnership to develop 5G base station chip

Sivers IMA, developer of mmWave products, said that it will create a 5G base station chip with RF power product company Ampleon, which it expects to bring to market by the end of 2019. Both companies will jointly develop the product, with Ampleon being the main sales channel to Tier-One OEMs for ...


China to press ahead with investments in 5G and Internet of Things, NDRC official says

China will press ahead with investments in artificial intelligence and 5G in 2019 as it competes with the US in the two key areas amid a technology race between the world’s two biggest economies. China’s state planner has singled out AI, the industrial internet, Internet of Things (Io...


FCC Commissioner Carr talks infrastructure, spectrum and jobs needed for 5G

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said the opportunity presented by 5G will come in three parts: better and faster performance on smartphones, more competitive home broadband and a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. Carr said "there’s no question that 5G is going to be transformative ...


Verizon: 5G Home won’t expand until second half of 2019

During last Monday’s Q4 2018 earnings conference call with analysts, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said that "standards-based 5G home hardware isn’t coming until the second half of 2019, effectively confirming that the four-city 5G Home network won’t expand much beyond its current f...


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