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Wireless tech is getting an 'unprecedented' update — and Dallas is getting the VIP treatment

Dallas, TX, is "getting a front-row seat for the future." The city was selected by AT&T, along with a dozen cities, to access 5G, which "will arguably be the biggest upgrade ever in the generations of networks." A number of companies are investing in Dallas as part of this transition, includi...


Small cell rollout has Mitchell planners in action

The Mitchell Planning Commission in Mitchell, SD discussed "what the future for cellular coverage in the city will look like, expecting the growth of small cell and 5G technology in the future." The commission discussed a proposed ordinance to regulate small cell facilities. The units would have ...


Aspen takes proactive measures to prevent cellular blight

The Aspen City Council is rewriting its land-use code in response to the wireless networks moving toward 5G technology. Paul Schultz, the city's information technology director, said, "We feel this is a very important topic that we need to work as hard as we can … really do the best we can...


Crown Castle has 20,000 small cell nodes in 2020 pipeline: CEO

During a conference call with investors, Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown said the firm aims to deploy between 10,000 and 15,000 small cells this year, and approximately 20,000 small cell nodes in 2020 and beyond. "Since it typically takes about 18 to 24 months for contracted nodes to be put on-air and...


Cleveland disputes AT&T’s claims that “a lack of urgency” is hindering 5G development, rebuts foot-dragging complaint

On Wednesday, Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration disputed AT&T’s contention that inaction by the city has thwarted the company’s efforts to invest millions into a 5G network in Cleveland. The city granted nearly all the permits AT&T requested for new fiber lines, Jacks...


Springs adopts small-cell wireless rules

Acting ahead of pending state legislation that could preempt certain local regulation, the Sandy Springs City Council has adopted an ordinance applicable to small wireless providers. The measure anticipates small cell towers with the rollout of 5G cellular service. Under the ordinance, “rea...


How warp-speed wireless will transform business

Chicago is one of the first U.S. markets to get 5G. However, it will take time – likely several years – before coverage is widespread enough to be really useful. Crown Castle, which installs equipment and leases it to various carriers, received more than half the permits issued by the...


Crown Castle: The best way for high-yield investors to cash in on the coming 5G gold rush

Crown Castle’s history and business model was discussed, positively noting that, "Ultimately, the biggest reason to own Crown Castle is that its assets are all mission critical to the telecom industry. An industry that continues to see explosive growth just in US mobile data from 4G."


Gov. Lamont wants CT to be a leader in 5G mobile networks, but his aspirations face significant hurdles

In his inaugural State of the State address, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said he wants Connecticut's cities to be the first in New England with access to fifth-generation, mobile networks. In his remarks, Gov. Lamont said, "The telecommunication companies are ready to start building — let's...


5G wireless is coming — and the battle has already begun over where to allow the antennas in Maryland

The Baltimore Sun reported on local government battles with telecom companies over the placement of small cell technology throughout cities. The article mentions that Crown Castle, which has installed small cell facilities on behalf of wireless carriers in Baltimore, says they want to partner wit...


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