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Key points for negotiating 5G cell site contracts

The expected deployment of 5G networks is creating increased demand for robust wireless infrastructure: antennas, cell sites, pole attachments and fiber. As this demand increases, wireless operators or third-party intermediaries (e.g., Crown Castle International Corp.) “enter into such long...


Speakers warn labor shortages could hamper 5G rollout

Last week, several speakers addressed the tower labor shortages and provided solutions in sessions held at the South Wireless Summit in Nashville. Crown Castle’s Jay Brown said labor shortages will get worse in the future, and he recounted a conversation with a Federal Reserve banker who no...


Trump blockade of Huawei fizzles in European 5G rollout

Even though the Trump administration has campaigned to convince European allies to ban China’s Huawei from its telecom networks, Europe is still trying to “balance concerns about growing Chinese influence with a desire to increase business with the region’s second-biggest tradin...


5G can’t come soon enough for these stocks

There are three main players in the wireless tower space: $86-billion market value American Tower, $53-billion Crown Castle International—both structured as real-estate investment trusts, or REITs—and $23 billion SBA Communications (SBAC). Wells Fargo analyst Jennifer Fritzsche said &...


Inside the 5G small cell opportunity: Big & messy

This article discussed the opposing viewpoints of Crown Castle and American Tower on small cell installation. "We are excited about the significant investments we are making to build new fiber assets as we pursue this expanding small cell opportunity," said Crown’s Jay Brown on the company&...


Telecom companies get OK to install 5G antennas

Last Tuesday, Miami-Dade County lawmakers gave the OK to Crown Castle, Verizon and AT&T to install small cell technology throughout the area. County commissioners voted unanimously May 7 to allow the three telecom companies to attach the small cells to county property on public rights-of-way,...


Technicians to actually install 5G in short supply

Light Reading published an article on the workforce shortage when it comes to technicians to actually install 5G networks. The article noted that the issue stems past the wireless industry and is also impacting the fiber side, noting “companies ranging from Crown Castle to Verizon to AT&...


San Diego approves strong rules for 5G cell antennas

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the approval of the San Diego, CA’s "aggressive new cell antenna regulations…in preparation for the wireless industry rolling out advanced 5G technology…" The article included commentary from Crown Castle government affairs manager Adria...


Things are getting desperate in the 5G small cell sector

Light Reading’s Mike Dano reported on the 5G small cell sector, noting that Crown Castle blamed "red tape" for its deployment of fewer small cells than expected this year. The article quoted Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown, who stated, "The significant increase in the volume of small cells being...


How will Dish’s new 5G network build impact towers?

In light of Dish’s commitment to enter the wireless market as a new facilities-based fourth national carrier, its planned 5G network "is a positive for tower companies…" MoffettNathanson Senior Analyst Craig Moffett said that Crown Castle "could see an incremental benefit among the b...


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