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Deutsche Telekom Warns Huawei Ban Would Hurt Europe 5G

According to an internal assessment by Deutsche Telekom AG, Europe would fall behind the U.S. and China in the race to install 5G wireless networks if governments ban Chinese equipment supplier Huawai Technologies Co. over security fears. Officials at Europe’s largest telecommunication comp...


At Nebraska Legislature, wireless companies and cable providers spar over technology key to 5G

Officials representing Nebraska cities and cable companies spoke to state lawmakers about getting higher-speed 5G internet service in cities like Omaha and Lincoln. Speaking on its readiness for 5G, State Sen. Curt Friesen said that "Nebraska is losing ground to other states and cities." Sen. Fri...


Trump preparing plan to boost AI, 5G technology

President Trump is preparing an ambitious plan to ramp up the government's role in speeding next-generation technologies such as 5G wireless and artificial intelligence. In a statement, top White House technology policy aide Michael Kratsios said it "will ensure … that the American innovat...


Intel and Ericsson develop 5G platform

Intel and Ericsson have partnered to develop a software and hardware management platform for 5G, network function virtualisation (NFV), and distributed cloud. The two companies will combine Ericsson's software-defined infrastructure (SDI) management software and Intel's Rack Scale Design for the ...


Philippines’ wireless leader pushes on with Huawei 5G launch

Despite growing security concerns related to the Chinese telecom equipment supplier, the Philippines' leading wireless provider Globe Telecom is on track to launch its Huawei Technologies-backed 5G service in the next quarter. Last Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned allies at a sp...


Super-fast 5G is still miles away from South Florida

Deployment of infrastructure necessary to bring 5G service to the South Florida metro region on a widespread basis "is not advancing as quickly as in other metro areas, and it could be months or years before residents here experience benefits of what some are calling the next industrial revolutio...


New flaws in 4G, 5G allow attackers to intercept calls and track phone locations

A group of academics have found three new security flaws in 4G and 5G, which they say can be used to intercept phone calls and track the locations of cell phone users. The findings "are said to be the first-time vulnerabilities have affected both 4G and the incoming 5G standard, which promises fa...


The real 5G winners: Tower companies

CNN Business listed Crown Castle as one of the “big winners” in 5G expansion. CEO Jay Brown’s commentary from last month’s earning’s call was included, with Brown stating “what I find really intriguing about 5G and some of the emerging technologies is that they...


AT&T strikes partnership with Microsoft involving network tech

AT&T is testing how to bring network edge compute capabilities into its 5G network with cloudcomputing service Microsoft Azure. In connection with the effort, AT&T is creating a site for the technology, which helps speed up wireless access for businesses, at the AT&T Foundry in Plano....


Trump campaign pushes government intervention on 5G

President Donald Trump's reelection team is backing a controversial plan to give the government a role in managing America's next-generation 5G wireless networks—bucking the free market consensus view of his own administration and sparking wireless industry fears of nationalization. The pla...


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