With pressure rising, city eyes overhaul of cell-antenna rules

City Manager Ed Shikada and Planning Director Jonathan Lait’s approved an application for Verizon to install seven nodes in the city. “Crown Castle, the company that is installing the equipment on Verizon's behalf, protested Lait's rejection of its proposed design — fake mailboxes on downtown sidewalks — and his requirement that the equipment be placed in pole-mounted shrouds.”

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OPINION: WIA — A driving force behind the wireless industry

AGL Media Group reported on peripheral platforms, noting that a new fiber working group, chaired by Crown Castle, has been formed to work on getting transport capabilities for the emerging 5G platforms.

How warp-speed wireless will transform business

Chicago is one of the first U.S. markets to get 5G. However, it will take time – likely several years – before coverage is widespread enough to be really useful. Crown Castle, which installs equipment and leases it to various carriers, received more than half the permi...

NATE news bulletin video promotes jobs training legislation

NATE released a News Bulletin video designed to promote the Communications Jobs Training Act of 2019 workforce development legislation that has been introduced in Congress. The legislation amends the Communications Act of 1934 to provide funding for job training to enhance communi...

Inside the 5G small cell opportunity: Big & messy

This article discussed the opposing viewpoints of Crown Castle and American Tower on small cell installation. "We are excited about the significant investments we are making to build new fiber assets as we pursue this expanding small cell opportunity," said Crown’s Jay Brown...

Telecom companies get OK to install 5G antennas

Last Tuesday, Miami-Dade County lawmakers gave the OK to Crown Castle, Verizon and AT&T to install small cell technology throughout the area. County commissioners voted unanimously May 7 to allow the three telecom companies to attach the small cells to county property on publi...

Notable women in technology

Ana Rua, public affairs manager at Crown Castle, was listed on Crain’s New York Business’ Notable Women in Technology. “In her role as public affairs manager at Crown Castle, Ana Rua offers education for policymakers in 16 states as they develop telecommunication...

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