The real 5G winners: Tower companies

CNN Business listed Crown Castle as one of the “big winners” in 5G expansion. CEO Jay Brown’s commentary from last month’s earning’s call was included, with Brown stating “what I find really intriguing about 5G and some of the emerging technologies is that they have the potential to fundamentally alter the role of wireless networks, going from connecting over 300 million people in the US to potentially connecting billions of devices in the future.” Other “big winners” included American Tower and SBA Communications.

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The Top 20 Tower Industry Executives: 2020

TowerXchange released a special edition report, profiling the top 20 tower industry executives of the year. Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown was recognized in the report.

Small cell outlook remains cloudy in US market

Growth in the small cell sector has been slow and filled with issues. The major three carriers are less focused on small cell buildout efforts, so most of the attention on small cells comes from Crown Castle, the only tower company that has invested heavily in small cells. "I think that busine...

Let’s commit to 5G in Texas

Amandus Derr, government affairs director at Crown Castle, published an op-ed in Denton Record-Chronicle in which he discussed the need for 5G in Texas and potential benefits should the state step up its efforts to change policies hindering 5G expansion. “Crown Castle has deployed small ...

Crown Castle positioned for outsized portion of initial Dish build, CFO says

After being the first tower company to secure an infrastructure deal with DISH, Crown Castle is positioned for an outsized portion of the initial DISH buildout. The 15 -year Master Lease Agreement (MLA) between the two companies is for up to 20,000 tower sites and includes fiber services as we...

Experts: Expand 5G to increase connectivity

On Thursday, December 3, Herald Inside LI held a webinar, sponsored by Crown Castle and New Yorkers for 5G, to educate Long Islanders about 5G. Panelist and director of Crown Castle East Area, Karmen Rajamani said, “5G is a platform for innovation because it will improve internet service...

Connecticut remains behind neighboring states for broadband access, but improvements could be coming

As Connecticut continues to see a lack of broadband availability throughout the state, CT Insider reporter Alexander Soule highlights Crown Castle CFO Dan Schlanger’s speech from the New Street 2020 Conference on ways Connecticut can look to the future in terms of 5G.

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