The map to making Philadelphia a ‘smart city’ is here

Philadelphia unveiled its master plan, SmartCityPHL, for the deployment of smart city technologies. As part of the roadmap, the city announced the establishment of a 20-person advisory committee comprised of representatives from private, public, academic and community-based organizations. The roadmap "outlines a thought process to go through before looking into a new project, starting with identifying the problem that is being solved. From there, it asks if smart city technologies could solve it, how feasible the solutions would be, if they have worked elsewhere, what the risks are and which ultimately is the best fit."

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City, Cincinnati Bell bring free Wi-Fi to Downtown

City leaders in Cincinnati, OH, announced a partnership with Cincinnati Bell that "will bring free Wi-Fi to downtown Cincinnati." The new alliance, dubbed "Smart Cincy," will "ignite economic growth, improve public safety, power more efficient government, and bridge the digital di...

Wireless tech is getting an 'unprecedented' update — and Dallas is getting the VIP treatment

Dallas, TX, is "getting a front-row seat for the future." The city was selected by AT&T, along with a dozen cities, to access 5G, which "will arguably be the biggest upgrade ever in the generations of networks." A number of companies are investing in Dallas as part of this tra...

Will shift to 5G impact real estate?

Self-driving cars, ultra-fast high-def video downloads, 911 dispatchers, and smart homes will all benefit from the rollout of next generation wireless technologies known as 5G. But what might the land use and real estate implications be for municipalities, residents and developers?


Small progress, but Austin still lags in enabling 5G adoption

A pair of efforts to bring 5G telecommunication technology to portions of Austin is welcome news to proponents of the smart city capabilities available with widespread use. But the city still lags far behind other Texas cities in installation of the street-level “cells” needed to e...

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