FCC awarding up to $16 billion to address U.S. areas lacking broadband service

The FCC voted on Tuesday, June 9 to adopt auction procedures to provide up to $16 billion to areas that lack broadband service, including nearly 6 million unserved rural homes and businesses. The FCC voted to commence the auction on October 29, where auction applicants will be required to offer voice and broadband services in unserved locations in exchange for receiving monthly payments over 10 years.

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Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes to tackle broadband in first term

One of the first things that North Carolina Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes wants to focus on in the legislature is "expanding broadband coverage in rural areas of her district." Barnes said that "lack of broadband access cuts her constituents off from educations and health care opportunit...

State leaders meet in Elkins to discuss economic strategy, high-speed broadband access

During an Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce meeting last week, state legislators brought up the need for high-speed broadband connectivity. State Sen. Greg Boso called on Verizon and AT&T to "at least build the infrastructure so that it encourages them to branch off o...

Nominee for Mills Cabinet sees broadband access as key to Maine economy

Gov.-elect Janet Mills nominated Heather Johnson, the woman charged with expanding broadband access in Maine, to be her economic development commissioner on Thursday. Johnson, who has a background in public- and private-sector economic development and communications, now heads the...

Lawmakers look to bring high-speed Internet to rural Georgia

After six months of negotiations, representatives of local governments and the wireless industry have reached agreement on legislation making it easier to deploy next-generation small-cell wireless technology critical to business growth in Georgia.

Virginia governor proposes $250 million universal broadband plan

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced a proposal to spend $50 million on building universal broadband internet service in his upcoming budget, the first part of a multi-year $250 million plan to improve internet access across the commonwealth. The increase for the state’s 20...

DeSantis's economic transition team talks 'smart infrastructure,' 5G wireless and smart cities

Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis’ economic transition team held a conference call this week to pitch suggestions that will drive Florida’s economy going forward, including WiFi signals on highways, statewide 5G cell phone service and ‘smart cities’ friednly to a...

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