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Neutral Host Solutions. Tailored RF Signal.

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a shared-infrastructure or neutral host model for expanding a wireless network footprint by adding coverage and capacity in hard to reach areas, resulting in increased quality without requiring customers to make the capital investment to build their own network system or manage additional infrastructure. Our custom designed indoor and outdoor DAS solutions are an important complement to our core tower business, providing pinpoint coverage and capacity solutions for customers as well as seamless integration with our tower and rooftop assets. Crown Castle designs, develops and operates cost-effective fiber DAS networks to improve signal strength and network capacity and coverage. Crown Castle specializes in indoor and outdoor DAS solutions for the private and public sector and has industry leading expertise across a variety of markets including:

  • Densely populated urban areas
  • Colleges and universities
  • High-end, exclusive communities
  • Hotels, resorts, and convention centers
  • Venues, including stadiums, convention centers and theme parks
  • Hospitals and medical centers

For an indoor DAS network, remote antennas are strategically placed throughout a building and are connected with fiber to a single hub containing the wireless service provider’s equipment. The indoor DAS solution provides building owners with a single system to address their wireless needs and provides wireless carriers with a system that allows them to tailor their RF signal to meet their specific coverage and capacity needs.

An outdoor DAS network consists of a central hub location which links, via fiber, a system of strategically placed antenna locations (or nodes) to provide carriers with pinpoint coverage not provided by traditional coverage methods. In addition, antennas can be placed on street lights or utility poles or cleverly camouflaged as street signs, cacti, boulders or other objects.

Crown Castle is a leader in the shared infrastructure industry and one of the country’s largest owners and operators of towers, rooftops and DAS networks. With an enterprise value of more than $20 billion, we own and manage more than 22,000 premiere sites, with offices nationwide and more than 1,200 employees.

Crown Castle has over 10 years of DAS experience. With the acquisition of NextG Networks “NextG” in April 2012, Crown Castle has taken a leading role in the U.S. DAS market. The NextG acquisition followed Crown Castle’s acquisition of NewPath Networks “NewPath” in September 2010. The integration of NextG and NewPath solidifies Crown Castle’s market-leading role as the largest independent DAS operator in the U.S., and allows us to leverage the combined expertise of all three organizations to provide extensive coverage and capacity solutions to our customers.

The demand for DAS is growing and as a Fortune 1000 and S&P 500 company, Crown Castle has the expertise, strength and long-term commitment to support its continued growth. Crown Castle currently has over 10,000 DAS indoor and outdoor nodes in operation or under construction at venues, universities, residential developments, municipalities and other locations.