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With a thriving business landscape, first-rate schools, picturesque scenery, and highly-ranked cultural opportunities throughout its 40-plus towns, villages, and municipalities, Westchester is rightfully called “the heart of New York.” Within commuting distance of Manhattan yet far enough away to have its own distinct flavor, this upscale and well-educated county of one million people is renowned as an ideal place to study at a top-tier institution, to work at a Fortune 500 company or one of 34,000 local businesses, to raise a family in a vibrant neighborhood—or simply to visit and unwind at a show, fair, nature center, or festival. Two standard-bearers of Westchester’s magnetic appeal are Scarsdale, with its Tudor-style downtown area of fashionable boutiques, shops, and restaurants; and Rye, which offers a refreshing blend of waterfront luxury and small-town ambiance. 

Yet even here, the current wireless infrastructure is often unable to provide fast, reliable wireless connectivity as demand for mobile data grows exponentially. Because public safety is paramount in Westchester, this is a real concern; 80 percent of all emergency calls to police, firefighters, and first responders are now made on mobile devices. Small cell solutions, or “small cells,” can provide a simple, effective foundation for upgrading and enhancing Westchester’s wireless infrastructure, alleviating gaps in coverage and capacity while serving as a complement to cell towers. 

Today, we’re pursuing a plan in conjunction with staff from communities across Westchester County to deploy a network of 81 proposed low-powered antennas called “nodes” that sit close to the ground, are connected by fiber optic cable, and can handle large amounts of data at high speeds. By placing 17 nodes in Scarsdale and 64 nodes Rye, we will expand the small cell solutions networks already in place in Westchester—and will help the county usher in next-generation networks such as 5G, which can pave the way for “smart city” innovations. 

Also, because they’re often inconspicuously installed on right of way infrastructure like street signs, utility poles, and streetlights, small cells can preserve the aesthetics and character of Westchester’s residential neighborhoods and city centers by blending in with their surroundings.

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