Small cells boost wireless coverage and capacity to meet New York City's current needs and future growth.

New York City aims to be the most connected metropolis in the world, and Crown Castle is committed to helping residents in all five boroughs enjoy greater opportunity. We’re proud that 78 percent of our current nodes and 58 percent of our proposed nodes in New York City are located outside the borough of Manhattan. In addition, Crown Castle currently has an extensive fiber network at facilities that serve a population of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings across all boroughs. 

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How will small cells improve my wireless service?

By the end of 2018 alone, we’re seeking to upgrade and modernize New York’s existing wireless infrastructure by deploying an additional small cell network of approximately 2,000 low-powered antennas called "nodes"  that sit close to the ground, are connected by fiber optic cable, and can handle large amounts of data at high speeds for multiple carriers, with even more in years to come. As New York continues to pursue “smart city” initiatives including traffic management systems (Midtown in Motion) and air pollution monitoring, small cells promise to usher in next-generation networks such as 5G that can make many other medical, educational, and commercial innovations possible. 

Why New York City needs more wireless infrastructure.

Countless people regard New York City as the capital of the world, and with good reason. From media, international affairs, commerce, and finance to fashion, technology, and entertainment, the Big Apple has an enormous impact. Also, with 8.5 million residents—and an estimated 800 different languages spoken in neighborhoods across its five boroughs—New York is arguably the most culturally vibrant city anywhere, made even more so by the 60 million tourists who visit its business districts, landmarks, museums, stadiums, and parks each year. It’s easy to see why the demand for mobile data is growing exponentially here. 

“With more and more businesses going wireless and mobile broadband data usage skyrocketing, a robust mobile infrastructure system throughout the five boroughs is critical.”

Angela Sung Pinsky, Executive Director
Association for a Better New York

There’s no slowing down in New York, and having fast, reliable wireless connectivity is an absolute must. It’s how people here stay connected. How deals get done. And how public safety is preserved in a time when 80 percent of all emergency calls to police, firefighters, and other first responders are made on mobile devices. Small cell solutions, or “small cells,” are key to upgrading and enhancing New York’s wireless coverage and capacity.

In addition, small cells often can be inconspicuously installed on right of way infrastructure like street signs, utility poles, and streetlights—becoming practically invisible in their surroundings, and preserving New York’s unmistakable aesthetic. Working in partnership with city staff, Crown Castle plans to enable improved wireless carrier service while keeping New York’s character intact.

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