Small cells give Montgomery County's wireless networks the speed and reliability they need for the future.

Crown Castle currently operates 81 low-powered antennas called “nodes” that sit close to the ground, are connected by fiber optic cable and can handle large amounts of data at high speeds. These locations are distributed across the County, supporting multiple wireless carriers as tenants.  Working closely with county staff, we’re proposing an additional network of 118 node locations. This network will expand the small cell solutions network already in place in Montgomery County, and promises to provide access to the latest in wireless technology—alleviating congestion and ushering in next-generation networks including 5G.

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Why Montgomery County needs more wireless infrastructure.

Part colonial, part modern, and entirely unique, Montgomery County is the gateway to the nation’s capital. Many high-profile government agencies, research centers, and biotech firms have a presence here—and it’s home to three of Maryland’s top 10 most populous cities. Montgomery County also draws more than seven million visitors per year to its historic landmarks, parks, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, sports facilities, art galleries, and family-friendly venues. One of its biggest cities, Gaithersburg, is famed for weekend farmers markets, cultural festivals and some of the highest-ranked schools in the country.

All across the region, fast and reliable wireless connectivity is essential for residents, businesspeople, and tourists alike. The need is growing exponentially, especially in the area of public safety—today, 80 percent of all 911 calls to police, firefighters, and other first responders are made on mobile phones. Small cell solutions, or “small cells,” provide a simple, effective foundation for upgrading Montgomery County’s wireless infrastructure. Small cells are especially practical in a broad suburban area like this, where they can alleviate gaps in coverage and capacity and serve as a complement to cellular towers.

Also, because they’re often inconspicuously installed on right of way infrastructure like street signs, utility poles, and streetlights, small cells can preserve the aesthetics and character of Montgomery County’s residential neighborhoods and city centers by blending in with their surroundings.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County - Planned Nodes

Montgomery County - Constructed Nodes

City of Gaithersburg

City of Gaithersburg - Planned Nodes

View photo simulations of proposed small cell solutions in Montgomery County. View photo simulations of proposed small cell solutions in the City of Gaithersbug.

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About Crown Castle

Crown Castle owns, operates and leases more than 40,000 cell towers and approximately 60,000 route miles of fiber supporting small cells and fiber solutions across every major US market. This nationwide portfolio of communications infrastructure connects cities and communities to essential data, technology and wireless service—bringing information, ideas and innovations to the people and businesses that need them.