Austin's wireless service is in need of an upgrade.

Austin is currently the fastest growing city in America—projected to grow 55.3% over the next 20 years. With that growth comes opportunity, but it also creates a strain on much of the city’s infrastructure—including its wireless infrastructure. In fact, demand for wireless service is already beginning to outpace current capacity. That means your mobile devices might not work when you need them to—including during an emergency when you need to call 911.

We are ready to give Austin the upgrade it needs.

For Austin, we are proposing a small cell solutions (SCS) network. It will consist of several small nodes connected by fiber optic cable. SCS networks are able to:

  • Be installed in the public right of way to relieve congestion and strain put on existing network in Austin.
  • Meet future service needswith the virtually unlimited capacity of a fiber-optic network.
  • Create more reliable accessto public safety and emergency services like 911.
  • Preserve neighborhood aestheticsby utilizing existing infrastructure like streetlights and utility poles, and accommodating multiple carriers on the same nodes.

By adding this network to the community, our downtown Austin project will benefit local businesses, residents, and visitors to the city.

Big events in Austin are affecting your wireless service.

Nearly every week, Austin is host to events like South by Southwest (SXSW)—drawing thousands of visitors from around the world. This puts a strain on your wireless service.

Let your voice count in Austin’s wireless future.

We are ready to provide the infrastructure that will meet Austin’s wireless needs today and into the future. Let the city’s leadership know that you’re ready too. Send your representative an email by filling out the form below and encouraging them to help Austin residents and workers get the wireless service they need.

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In the face of our city’s rapid growth, the existing cellular networks are quickly reaching their capacity to serve the wireless needs of residents like myself. To maintain the quality of service I expect, downtown Austin needs more wireless infrastructure like Small Cell Solutions (SCS). I understand that there is a wireless infrastructure committee dedicated to making policy around this issue. I urge you to expedite their review process so that we who live and work in Austin can begin enjoying the benefits that come from wireless-friendly policies.

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